It’s a Girl’s Night!

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My girl friends and I get to have a girl’s night every once in awhile. We try to schedule one every few months at the very least. YES! We must schedule them. We make it work. We try to do something different every time. Last night was girl’s night, and it was a night of losing for us!

We started our night at 6:00PM. We did the Escape Room. We chose a room called Time Warp. It was set in the 1970’s. I can’t tell you any details or clues in case you decide to do it yourself. I do recommend it. BUT we LOST! I am a sore loser! The room had some big twists that we did not see coming. I was really upset when we left. Still, we had a blast. We are all very competitive, so it was fun to see us all work so well together without trying to kill each other!

Afterwards, we went to grab a bite at CiCi’s Pizza. Mainly because Regan is preggo and wanted pizza. CiCi’s was an experience. If anyone knows me, I am a bit of a germaphobe. I was not okay there. There were also several creepy people, including one young bus boy that probably only meant well, but kept coming by to tell us random facts. Random facts like: “If you tear a net it actually has less holes than when you started.” “Mind-blown”…**hand gesture blowing his mind up**. Second time around: “Poor people used to ride horses and rich people drove cars. Now, rich people ride horses and poor people drive cars. Riddle me that.” Then there was the man that was on some hard-core drugs that was being escorted around by what we believe to be his lady dealer. Of course, we were only people watching and had to make all of this up. It was an interesting experience, and I was slightly scared for my life. Yes, that might be exaggerated, but it’s still a little true. We hurried out after Regan found what we are 100% sure was not one of our hairs on her cinnamon roll and gathered by Baily’s car so she could deal out hand sanitizer to all of us, while we watched what we believe to be a drug deal going down in the utility van parked a few spots down. This is where I proceeded to laugh/cry because Baily didn’t squirt any sanitizer in my hands. We then got in Regan’s mom van and were home by 8:00PM.

It was a night of losing for us. We lost the Escape Room. We lost a little bit of dignity. We lost our appetites. Still, it was a girl’s night. A few hours to call our own. I’m so thankful I have such a great squad to have losing…or winning…nights with!

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