Spinning Into Shape

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I’m always complaining about being tired or chunky, so my husband has been encouraging me to get back into exercising. I explain to him that my schedule is based on everyone else’s schedule. It’s hard for me to schedule something at a particular time, because depending on what the kids are doing that day or what his work schedule is that day I may not be able to go. I must go with everyone else’s flow. Understanding my dilemma, he told me he would help me make time for myself. Excited to try something new, I took my first spinning class today! It kicked my out-of-shape butt.

This is the most out of shape I have ever been. I’ve always been athletic, but kids and work and school and the gazillion restaurants Dothan has have taken their toll on me. The hubby has been on a health kick. I call it a kick, but it’s turned more into a lifestyle by now. I’m ready to join him. That’s probably going to mean a lot more spinning. Hopefully it will fit into our schedule as easily as it did today every week, but I doubt that. The boys spent the night with Honey, and Jeremiah had to work first thing this morning. So, an 8:15AM spinning class was right up my alley, and it made going my first time easy with no available excuses.

I think I fell in love with the class. I don’t think I’m good at it yet. I’m a stickler for form. I like everything to be just right, and surprising to me, there is a form needed for spinning that changes depending on what the instructor is asking you to do. Today I climbed a hill, rode through sand, ran on my bike, and sweated my butt off for 45 minutes. I did not come prepared with a bottle of water. Thank goodness the instructor was aware of my spinning virginity and gave me a bottle of water. It was gone by the end of class and possibly saved my life! The first 15 minutes were the hardest. I thought my quads were going to catch on fire and burn right off my body. Eventually, I was looking at my time and wondering where the burning sensation went. Around 30 minutes into the class, I thought I might have the urge to puke. No puke thank goodness. At the end of class I was able to see how many calories I burned and how many miles I road. Calories: 479. Miles: 12.2. I’d say that was a pretty big success for my first class! I will be going back!

After class, I had a rush of energy. I didn’t stop moving until 1:00PM when I sat down to write this. I feel good and am looking forward to finding new ways and available time to exercise! Here’s to getting back in shape!

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