The Smell of Fresh Flowers

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A few days ago, I noticed Tookie (the family dog) smelled a little funny. Every time I got next to him I thought I smelled flowers. I told Jeremiah and eventually he noticed it too. Jeremiah decided he smelled like gardenias. So, as best we could imagine, he rolled around in some of the azaleas we have lining our backyard.

Tonight, we put the kids to bed and were sitting on the sofa having a serious conversation about our future. We began to discuss different ideas and routes we could take to better our family financially. Tookie jumps on Jeremiah’s lap. Jeremiah looks at me and snickered, “Tookie smells like gardenias, but he’s wet.” I responded stating maybe there was some water under the azaleas and he rolled around in it. Jeremiah continued talking and petting Tookie. He interrupted our serious conversation to tell me once again that Tookie was wet, really wet. I laughed and said, “we think it smells like flowers but whenever we find out what he is rolling in it’s going to be disgusting.” Jeremiah kept talking about business ideas and money while petting Tookie. “Maybe it smells like urine,” Jeremiah randomly interjected into the conversation. He pushed Tookie off him and onto the floor. Tookie sat in front of me. “Gardenias. Oh my gosh that’s pee! I know what pee smells like.” We thought about it and decided that he hadn’t been outside since the boys went out to pee before bed. We looked at each other knowingly and simultaneously stand as we walked to the boy’s room.

William was already asleep, and Wesley was watching TV. Jeremiah announced, “you aren’t in trouble.” I add, “we have something to ask you.” Jeremiah reiterates, “you aren’t in trouble, but you have to tell the truth, did one of you pee on Tookie?” Wesley immediately responds with a head nod, “I did.” “Why Bug? Why did you do that?” “Because I wanted to see him go crazy,” he says matter of factly. I couldn’t contain myself and immediately busted out laughing. Dad held it together much better and reminded him that he wasn’t in trouble and even though mommy was laughing, it wasn’t funny. “You can’t do it again or you will get a spanking,” Jeremiah finished. Then Jeremiah had another epiphany, “Have either of you peed on Tookie before?” Wesley didn’t hesitate, “Wheels did a little while ago.”

Aaaaah the smell of gardenias.

Tookie… bath….

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