The Tale of New Bunk Beds

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Two Christmases ago the boys got car beds from Santa. They were officially out of their toddler beds, and they were so excited. The car beds were super cool. However, they share a room, and the car beds were big. They took up a lot of their bedroom. For a while, I have wanted bunk beds. Not regular bunk beds, but cool bunk beds with drawers on them. The whole works. We didn’t want to get rid of their car beds, especially when they haven’t had them for two years.

Saturday, while we had a play date with a friend, dad came home from work and set up brand new bunk beds as a surprise for everyone! Wesley and William were ecstatic. They played in their bedrooms most of the weekend loving their new setup. We didn’t know how to decide who got the top bunk; We wanted it to be fair. So, we concluded that Wesley gets it first. He’s oldest. After a month, if William still wants to sleep on the top, we will move their bedding and William can have the top bunk for a month. Although they don’t understand how long a month is they were satisfied with that option.

The bunk beds are awesome! There are drawers built into one side, a desk built into the other, a matching toy box, and a matching dresser. The toy box is a lifesaver. Although most of their toys are in the playroom, they have so many stuffed animals there is barely room for them in their beds….as you will see in the picture I post below! I have been using the toy box to put all their stuffed animals in during the day. It makes their room look a lot less cluttered.

We knew at some point someone would get hurt on the bunk beds. We just didn’t know how soon it would happen. These boys are wild! Tonight, they were working on their daily chores. They get excited about their chores, because they get stars for each one they complete on their chore chart. They were excitedly cleaning their room and repeating the clean up song over and over and over. I was making dinner. Silence. I heard a skin smacking thud on the hardwood floor followed by an ear-piercing scream. I ran; I knew it was Wheels. Crying crocodile tears and screaming hysterically, I noticed him holding his arm. I immediately checked it for any swelling or bulging. He looked fine, but he was seriously freaking out. I told him he must calm down a bit, so I could talk to him and figure out what was going on. He calmed down just enough for me to understand, “I need an ambulance!” “You do? What happened Wheels?” He still couldn’t talk. Wesley then told me he fell off the very top of the ladder, because he was going up it without holding on. I then asked if he hit his head. Wheels assured me he didn’t as he told me his arm was “broked.” He was still screaming hysterically, so I picked him up and just held him. I then told him, “I bet you won’t do that ever again.” After a few minutes, I needed him to calm down, so I sat him on the sofa with an ice pack. I turned on Despicable Me 3. He loves when the bad guy in the movie says, “I’ve been a bad, bad boy.” It took a bit, but he survived. At dinner, I was telling dad the story of what happened and made the comment that I was willing to bet he would never do it again. Wheels corrected me with a huge smile, “I will mommy, I will do it again.”

Wheels blends in with all of his stuffed animals on the bottom bunk. It’s like a Where’s Waldo picture.

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