Muffins with Mom; A Morning With My Cool Kids

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In honor of Mother’s Day, the boys had Muffins with Mom at their preschool. I planned with work to take a long lunch, so I could go to Wheel’s and Wesley’s parties.

First up was Wheels! Wheels doesn’t like school as much as Wesley does, and his little face lit up when he saw me walk through his classroom door. It made my day! He chose blueberry muffins for us to share, and we had water and juice to drink. After muffins, we were given a Mother’s Day craft to do together. Wheels was super excited that I got to stay for the craft. He kept asking me if I was going to get to do it with him. The craft was quite fitting for me. It was a sheep saying, “I love you, maa.” Jeremiah calls me ma, so not only was it special that me and Wheels were able to make it together, but it felt personalized just for me! When it was time to go to Wesley’s party, Wheels told me several times that he didn’t want to be left alone. He said he wanted to leave with me. It’s so hard to hear those things and walk away. He’s a mommy’s boy to the core. So, Mrs. Brandi came to the rescue. She swooped in asking if he wanted to run an errand with her. He forgot all about mom! So, I said my goodbyes and was off to Wesley’s party….in the classroom next door.

Wesley was patiently waiting in his seat for me to arrive. I so very proudly sat in the chair beside him labeled, “Wesley’s mom.” There were many hand-made gifts waiting for me on the table. As I started looking through my gifts, muffins and juice were passed out. Wesley, a boy after my own heart, chose a chocolate chip muffin. Wesley had colorfully painted a canvas for me with his fingers that read, “I ❤️ U!” He told me he chose that saying instead of “#1 mom,” because he loved me. How stinking sweet. He made me a flower made of his hand prints with a poem, and there was also a sheet of “Questions about mommy???” that he had answered. That was fun. Apparently, I’m only 14 pounds! THANK YOU, son! I posted the picture of his answers below. Kids say the funniest things.

Kids also say the sweetest things. My boys sure do. They constantly give me compliments and tell me they love me. I’m such a blessed mommy. I had a great time hanging with my kiddos in their classrooms today. I’m thankful that I can spend those special moments with them. Muffins with Mom was a great kick start to my Mother’s Day. Let me know what special ways you are spending Mother’s Day this year!

P.S. We don’t have Poodles.

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