Baby Belly Painting!

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This afternoon my home was filled with girly-ness! As much as I adore being a boy mom, it was a nice change of pace to be a witness of something so beautiful and sparkly.

One of my squad is preggers with her 4th and last baby, and she had the opportunity to do something different and fun today. Rachel Anne from Cloud 9 met Regan at Wesley’s birthday party. We hired Rachel to face paint at the party. (If you missed it, read all about it here.) Rachel approached Regan about painting her baby belly. Today, I was able to watch the creation of an incredible piece of art firsthand!

Regan chose a picture of a tree for Rachel to replicate on her belly. She loved the idea of a tree, but she also wanted something with a lot of color. Wait until you see how it turned out!

Rachel is an incredibly talented artist. Rather than painting on a smooth and motionless canvas, she creates her artwork on a living and moving surface. The work is tedious and careful. It is obvious that she has a passion for what she does as she joyfully suggests new ways she can add to the piece. Rachel goes the extra mile to make her subjects happy and ensure that the experience is completely about them. I truly would recommend Rachel Anne to anyone needing any type of creative service.

The painting took about an hour, which flew by as we all chatted. Then it was time for pictures!!

Regan is 8 months pregnant with a baby boy and is due at the end of June. Thanks to Rachel, she now has a super special way to always remember her last pregnancy!

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