Preschool Graduations

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Even with the busyness of our lives and the excitement for the event, last night, for just a moment, time slowed down.

For months the boys have come home singing the songs they had been practicing at school for their end of the year program. I have enjoyed letting them teach me their songs and singing the songs with them as we do things around the house. We built up a lot of excitement at our house for this program!

Wednesday morning, William woke up with a fever. He had some congestion, but no other symptoms. With medicine in him, he was he normal self. We kept him out of school Wednesday and Thursday. When I took Wesley to school Thursday morning, I let William’s teachers know he would be there for the program. Thank goodness they made me feel okay about it saying to give him some medicine and send him on! They understood this was important for all of us. This program was especially important to me. William doesn’t enjoy school like Wesley does. However, he really took to the idea of this program. Even his teacher said she could hear him sing over all the other kids during practice. I needed him to have his moment!

When Wesley got home from school Thursday, he hopped on the sofa to cuddle with me and Wheels. Then he asked me to take his temperature because his head hurt. FEVER! All I could think was… this CANNOT be happening. Their program was in 5 hours. So, I gave them medicine, let their fevers break, got them ready, and we were on our way.

We got there early. I needed good seats. Wesley’s teachers are awesome. They had already told me what side of the stage Wesley and William were on, so we could better choose our seats. We anxiously waited for 45 minutes for the program to start. We had no idea how it would go.

William was first. In his hand-made shirt, he sang his heart out. We heard him over everyone, and there are three K3 classes! He took the program so seriously, wanting to get every move and every word right. Trying not to break his concentration, he only smiled when his little eyes met ours. He shined bright. Even with all the pictures and clapping, time slowed down. Just like that, everything was different. My youngest baby was moving to K4.

Wesley was next. He had already told us he couldn’t wave at us. He could only smile at us, so he wouldn’t mess up. He proudly took his place on stage with his arms behind his back. Trying not to look at us too much, he stayed serious too making sure he knew exactly what he was doing.

He was done singing, but it wasn’t over for him. It was time for Wesley to “graduate” K4 and get his Bible. The chapel was full of cheering and flashes from cameras but for me, time slowed down.

K4 was a turning point for Wesley. He lost his toddler and transitioned into a little boy. Knowing that William was entering that stage made me sad, but it also made me so proud of my youngest son. For Wesley, the program officially marked him transitioning to “big boy school.” He will be a kindergartner in just a few short months. He will be entering an entirely new environment that is less controlled. That is scary for me. Last night, time slowed down as all these thoughts swirled around my mind. In less than an hour, it was official….my boys are growing up and there is nothing I can do to slow it down.

Everyone knows to cherish the moments because children grow up quickly. Even though I cherish them, it still feels as though it’s not enough time. All the pictures and scrapbooks and memories cannot adequately prepare me for what it feels like to witness them growing up into little men.

“Shine from the inside-out for the world to see. You live with me, shine.”

“Kindergarten here we come. Preschool days there all done. We’ve done a lot of learning, and we’ve had a lot of fun. Kindergarten here we come.”

What milestones have your children reached recently and how do you feel about it?

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  1. i totally get the feeling girl! my little one is going into kindergarten soon and im freaking out ha. thank goodness i have a one year old to make it seem like it’s slowing down. just keep cherishing the moments with them! they are adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness.. I totally recalled the day my elder one got graduated from elementary to middle school ! I was crying like a baby πŸ˜πŸ€—
    Great readπŸ’™

  3. Congratulations to the kids and the parents. Indeed transition is something. My third boy is school, joining his two.other brothers…and because he, I am seeing.him more.independent and decisive.

  4. They are growing up.. Becoming little men. I love to hear them talk to one another. I love to watch them play.. They are so innocent and care free… My wish is that they stay that way.

  5. The boys are so cute. It is nice that William was still able to perform on program although he was sick earlier since he was so looking forward to it. When you described him as singing his heart out and singing over over everyone else I know your heart swelled with pride. Cherish these moments.

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