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Most of the time talking about this topic deserves the response, “easier said than done.” Still, it is important. Taking care of yourself is important, especially when so much of your time is spent taking care of everything except yourself.

Sometimes there are things I need that never cross my mind. For our anniversary a month ago, my husband surprised me by dropping by the place where I get my hair cut and paying for a cut and color. When it was time for presents, he told me that I needed to schedule a hair appointment and that it was completely taken care of, tip included. As I thought about it, I realized that it was April and I hadn’t had my hair cut since September! If you’ve ever seen how much hair I have, you would know that waiting that long is a problem.

Between being a wife, a mommy to two wild ones, an employee, and a student in a Master’s program, I find it extremely difficult to schedule any time for myself. My schedule is the one that must be flexible. My husband owns a moving company, so it is not possible for him to tell his customers that he can’t complete their house move today because the kids are sick or because Nanny has a doctor appointment or because Honey has a client. I must be ready for anything. While I love the role of mommy and being the one to do things with/for my kids, it often means my plans must change…. even if my plans were only to go to the grocery store without kids. All moms out there know going to the grocery without your kids is totally different than going with them.

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Making time for yourself is important for your overall health. Here are a few ways I currently practice self-care:

Wake-up time: William has always been an early riser. From 2 years old-3 years old he woke up between 4:00AM and 4:30AM. Over the past year he has started sleeping until 5:30AM-6:00AM. It was so hard to jump out of bed and start catering to a kid who hits the ground running. So, for several months I have set my alarm for 5:00AM. Most mornings, I have about 30 minutes to get my makeup on and relax for a second before I start my mommy duties.

Spinning: For about 2 months now I have been going to a spin class once a week. I wish I could go 2-3 times but once is my goal. I love the work out. Competitive by nature, a group class pushes me to work harder than I would if I were exercising on my own. Plus, it’s an hour that is all about me.

Blogging: I started my blog around the same time I started spinning. I’ve always loved to write, and it provides stress relief for me. I’ve finally found a hobby!

Hello Fresh: I’ve had a promo code that has allowed me to get a pretty good deal on Hello Fresh. Unfortunately, that is about to end, but for the past couple of months, we have received a box every Tuesday. The box contains two different meals for two people. I must include this as self-care because it definitely is. These are two healthy meals. All ingredients and instructions are provided. There is no trip to the grocery store. So, two nights out of the week I have not had to plan dinner. As trivial as it sounds, it makes a huge difference! Here’s $40 off your first order if you want to give it a try: $40 off!

At this point, these are the only four things that I have successfully worked into my routine. They have become part of my schedule rather than something I am trying to get done.

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Occasionally I am surprised by something special. My mother-in-law (Honey) owns the only all women’s gym in Dothan, Fitness Advantage. She is also a personal trainer and massage therapist. Ooooooh is she a great massage therapist. Honey knew I needed some time for myself. I had sick kids the last half of last week and all weekend. Croup! So, she gifted me a full body massage. If you need a massage you should give Honey, Mrs. Hope, a call. She’s the best at what she does.

These past two months have been the busiest our family has ever been, especially for such a long duration of time. I have good weeks and bad weeks. During the good weeks I feel motivated and ready to take on the world. During the bad weeks I don’t want to do anything; I feel drained and exhausted. I’m looking for more ways to add self-care to my routine. I am especially interested in finding the time to exercise more and eat better.

Taking care of yourself is important for anyone no matter what roles you play in life. My husband is more than supportive, but his schedule is totally different than mine. So, I am challenged to find ways to take care of myself during my own time. Right now, my goal is to become better at self-care.

I need to hear tips, advice, or whatever works for you.  Not the tips you can get from googling that sound nice but are…. easier said than done. I need real ideas that work for you. What are some other ways that myself and others can add self-care to their busy schedules?


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  1. It’s hard sometimes because the kid don’t care LOL that you are tired. Even the teenagers –although they will ask if you are tired then make their request. Ha Ha.

    Sometimes you have to disappear into the bathroom. You can get a few minutes of peace there.

  2. I am so in LOVE with this postπŸ’› I was talking to one of my friends about how we mom’s don’t have time for ourselves! Keep posting such posts πŸ™‚

  3. Yessss!!! You can’t pour from an empty cup!!! In order to properly nourish our families we must first be nourished ourselves. This is an wonderful and beautifully written post! Thank u for sharing this πŸ™‚

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