DIY Drop Cloth Curtains | No Sewing Necessary

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It’s rained here every day for three weeks except for one day!

Confession: We don’t usually do this many crafts, but with all the rain we’ve had in the past three weeks, I have had to get creative to keep us entertained. Being cooped up doesn’t just drive the kids crazy. It drives mom crazy.

Today we did something cool and invited some friends to help us!

Drop Cloth Curtains

No sewing necessary! 

Supplies needed:

I usually would have done this outside in the grass, but it was going to storm, so I made as much room as I could in the playroom.

The first thing I did was measure the curtains in the boy’s bedroom from rod to floor. The curtains were about 7 feet and the drop cloth was 9, so when I laid the cloth down to be painted, I folded the top two feet over, so that it made a “ruffle.”

Then it was time to paint. There was a total of 5 kiddos painting. I used paper plates to put puddles of different colored paint on and lined the plates down the middle of the drop cloth. I had the kids pick a spot and start painting! They could paint whatever they wanted. Hand prints. Foot prints. Shapes. People. Animals. Anything was up for grabs.

Mom of WAR- DIY Drop Cloth Curtains
Mom of WAR- DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

I’m not going to lie. I love to paint. So, I had as much fun as they did. Actually…more fun. I was still painting after the last one said they were done.

Half way through painting, I began to wonder how much of it was going to go through the canvas cloth and onto the playroom floor. Later, I found the answer to be NONE! The canvas was sturdy and not one drop seeped through. Not even the rinsing water that the kids spilled on the canvas!

Mom of war- DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

The kids were done, so once I decided I was done, it took about two hours for everything to dry. I went ahead and put the clips for the curtain rods on because my ruffle was perfectly measured, and I didn’t want it to be lopsided.

There was paint everywhere. It was on people’s hands, feet, bellies, faces, and clothes. And the finished product was awesome!

The kiddos enjoyed painting on such a large canvas. We had kids aged 22 months to 8 years painting. Their favorite part was painting their hands and feet to make prints on the canvas. They were so excited that mom didn’t care they were getting paint everywhere.

Around two hours later the drop cloth was completely dry. So, I hung it up………

Let me know what you think!!

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  1. wow! This is such a cool craft idea for kids! I know my 2 year old little girl will love this 🙂 Such a fun idea to keep kids engaged for a long time. Thank you so much for this post:)

    1. I didn’t use washable paint, but you easily could. The cloth was so big it was pretty easy to contain all of the paint on top of the curtain. This could easily be done outside though! Just too rainy here these days!

  2. Your DIY craft project is a super cool idea for kids, plus it creates lasting memories. When they’re older, they’ll be able to look at it and remember what they created together.

  3. How precious is this! I bet your kids had a blast. I wonder if using a homemade curtain as a shower curtain would help kids during bathtime, too. It might make them feel more involved with the process since they had a part in decorating the bathroom.

  4. What a creative idea! I don’t have kids but every Friday is Craft Night with my little nieces and nephew. Looks like you just found me Friday’s project! Thank you 🙂

  5. This looks like so much fun! I’m glad it didn’t bleed through onto the floor. I’ve wanted to spread out big paper and just let Mia go to town sometime!

  6. This DIY drop cloth curtain craft looks like so much fun! What a perfect indoor activity to keep the kids busy on those cold or rainy days when you can’t get out.

  7. These are super cute and such a fun craft to do with your kids! I’ve made fabric strip curtains before but never drop cloth curtains!

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