A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

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Dear husband,

Although you should be celebrated daily, today is a day all about celebrating you as a Father. So today, I’m going to thank you for some of the little things and some of the things you probably think I take for granted, but I don’t, I see you, husband.

Thank you for being there for our children. In the big moments and small moments. Taking an hour out of your busy day to attend donuts with dad at preschool isn’t necessary, but it means something to them. You were there.

Thank you for being the dad that comes home after working a 10-hour day and getting down on the floor to build blocks, wrestle, or play cars with your boys.

Thank you for encouraging the boys to learn, making learning fun, and being the one to offer new knowledge. A 3-year-old and 5-year-old that can list the 4 oceans and 7 continents is impressive!

Thank you for working until your body is ready to give out, so that you can provide for your family.

Thank you for coaching micro soccer, even though baseball is your sport.

Thank you for worrying. Although you aren’t a worrier by nature, you do worry about the health and safety of your boys. They see that, and one day will appreciate the love and care.

Thank you for being able to discipline and provide structure to the boys. I sometimes fail in the discipline area, because it’s hard. Thank you for giving that to them and teaching me along the way.

Thank you for being someone they can talk to, and thank you for listening to them.

Thank you for allowing them to talk to you and tell the truth without fearing anger in response.

Thank you for working to instill the values of honesty, kindness, persistence, self-confidence, and family.

Thank you for constantly working on yourself to be a better you and therefore a better example to your children.

Thank you for being the dad that helps clean, cook, and run errands. The lesson in this is great for boys as it teaches them to take responsibility for their belongings, to be active in their household, and to help their (future) wives.

Thank you for involving the boys in your daily life when possible. Taking them to work for an hour, to the bank, or to buy tools etc. makes them feel big and like they are helping daddy.

Thank you for dreaming big and encouraging the boys to do the same.

Thank you for spending time with our boys outside of normal activities.

Thank you for telling them to try when they say, “I can’t.”

Thank you for teaching them to explore and try new things.

There are so many other thank you’s that you deserve. Thank you for keeping your sanity when I didn’t keep mine. Thank you for being strong and standing tall even on days you feel weak and tired. Thank you for supporting me in all that I do. Your support enables me to be a better mother to our boys. Thank you for caring about school districts, bad weather, and swimming pools.

Thank you for being you. 

On this Father’s Day and all other days, we cherish you.

Happy Father’s Day to My Favoritest. Happy Father’s Day to a father that deserves all the happiness, goodness, and blessings in this world. Happy Father’s Day to the very best father I know.

The boys love you. I love you.

Forever and always,

Your Wife

A letter to my husband....

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