What You Don’t Know… About Me: Mom of W.A.R.

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Let’s do something different for this post. Let’s get to know me, Mom of W.A.R.

Fun facts you may or may not know about me:

  1. I have a germ problem. Like OCD. When I clean our toilets, I believe the germs jump on me. I have to take a shower afterwards. If I can’t take a shower, I use antibacterial soap to wash all the way up my arms. I have to park about a block away from my office and cross the street. About 10 months ago, there was roadkill on the street. I still won’t cross the street there. I wash my hands an abnormal amount of times a day. Thinking about germs gives me anxiety.
  2. When something deviates from the plan I thought was in place, it highly irritates me. It may have zero effect on my day, but I get quite annoyed when my “plan” changes without me being the one to change it. This gives me anxiety too.
  3. I don’t like telling people no. It gives me anxiety too. I guess I have a lot of anxiety!
  4. My husband and I love traveling to new places.
  5. I started varsity sports in 6th grade. I played softball, basketball, and soccer. I was the best at softball, but soccer was my favorite.
  6. I scored the first points of any kind in Providence Christian School’s history. I was playing basketball. It was a rough shot.
  7. I don’t like walking barefoot in my own home. As you can imagine, I keep the floors clean. Doesn’t matter.
  8. I was Miss Teen Alabama International 2006. I placed top 10 for Miss Teen International.
  9. My kids are still young, but I’m going to be the super annoying mom involved in everything. Well, I’ll only be annoying to my kids when they get older. I’m going to handmake Valentine’s, join PTO and committees at school, and give them kisses in public every chance I get.
  10. Mac n cheese has been my favorite food since I can remember.
  11. I won’t eat tomatoes. I pick them out if they are in a dish.
  12. After tomorrow, I have two classes left before I graduate with my Master’s in HR Management.
  13. I’m very bow legged.
  14. I worry. All the time. About everything.
  15. I enjoy painting on canvas.
  16. For about a year, I couponed. I haven’t in a while, because my schedule doesn’t allow it. It takes a lot of time. The last time I couponed was December 2017. We haven’t bought laundry detergent since. We won’t be for a while!!
  17. My family is my favorite thing in this entire world. Everything I do, I think of my husband and children first.
  18. I like wine!
  19. I started blogging, so that I had an outlet. A hobby. Something just for me. I love it.
  20. I haven’t seen my biological father since I was two or three. My father adopted me shortly after.
  21. I don’t speak to my mother or my father.
  22. I have a HUGE sweet tooth.
  23. Blondies from Applebee’s are my all-time favorite dessert. They have been since high school. Man, I could use a blondie!
  24. I’ll be 30 in less than a month. August 22.
  25. I love taking pictures. I’m not very good at it. Hopefully, one day, I will take a photography class.
  26. Trash TV is my guilty pleasure. I’m so glad the The Jersey Shore cast decided to have a family reunion!
  27. Lately, I’ve had an obsession with house plants. I don’t have a green thumb. So far, none have FULLY died.
  28. I absolutely cannot sing. I don’t sing in front of anyone, even my family. The first time I sang to Wesley he was around 6 weeks old. He immediately started crying.
  29. I have two all-time favorite songs. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding and Maggie Mae- Rod Stewart.
  30. I have some really awesome friends.
  31. (And one to grow on…) I procrastinate. Especially school work. Which is what I’m doing now since I’m supposed to be studying. My final is tomorrow.

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Softball 2004

Miss Teen Alabama Internationalâ„¢ 2006

Mallory Clark – Top Ten


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