Kindergarten Here We Come!

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Today has been a great, bittersweet day.

This morning way Kindergarten orientation for parents at Wesley’s new school. This afternoon was open house.

My oldest baby isn’t a baby anymore!!!! 🙁

What am I going to do? I’m not much of a crier. I’m very emotional (ask my hubby), but I don’t think I’ll cry on Wednesday… Wesley’s first day of Kindergarten. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel some type of way.

I took off work today, so I could hit the morning and afternoon orientations. Heard Magnet School did a great job of informing us parents that are new to “big” school. I went to the morning orientation with 100 questions. They answered all of them before questions were even allowed.

I really enjoyed taking off of work and spending the day with my kiddos! I was able to go to the Kindergarten parent’s orientation this morning, pick up my kids, take them to lunch with my girlfriends, hang out with them for a few hours, and attend Wesley’s open house this afternoon. Watching Wesley become acquainted with his new classroom was priceless. He obviously felt comfortable in the environment. He hopped-scotched on the multi-color rug and asked questions about the decor and items scattered throughout the room as I put his school supplies in the correct place.

I’m really liking the principal. I’ve heard him speak twice now. A week or so ago, I went to the first PTO meeting, and he directed it. Today he spoke for majority of the PowerPoint presented to new Kindergarten families. He seems to really care about his students at Heard. That means a lot in today’s world.

Speaking of PTO, I want to be involved! I want to do everything I can to help! William will also be attending Heard next year (Hopefully). I want my boys to see how much I care about their education and development. I want them to see me involved in events, fundraisers, and whatever I can be at their school. I want them to know it matters. School matters. It’s not just something they have to do to fill a requirement. School is their future. I work. I’m in school. But, I’ll make time.

I’m excited about the new chapter we are starting. I’m nervous though. My boys are growing up. How long will it be before they no longer need me!!!!! William has never been in Pre-school without Wesley being there too. He’s going to be starting K4 next week, how is he going to be? William doesn’t love school like Wesley does, so I’m worried it will be a step backwards for him. Still, I’m praying it’s an opportunity for him to come into his own self.

The next few days/weeks are going to be crazy as I send my oldest child to Kindergarten and my youngest child to K4 next week. Don’t worry, Wednesday, I will let you know how Wesley’s first day goes.

Anyone have any advice on how to survive this milestone?! I could use it!

Here’s a picture of Wesley at open house. PTO did a great job setting up the backdrop for pictures!

Wesley at Open House

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  1. Aww this is exciting… you just reminded me of my daughters first day of school. She is in third grade now. My advise is to enjoy every moment! Because time does fly fast. All the best 🙂

  2. Such a bittersweet time! My youngest is about to graduate from high school, but I remember those early school days as if they were yesterday! Thanks for sharing your journey. 😀

  3. I’m so glad you want to be involved in the PTO. I am part of the PTO for my child’s school and getting people to participate is like pulling teeth! I think PTO’s get a bad rep in mainstream media and things but they really are an awesome way to give back to your school!

  4. I changed my son’s school this year and your experience reminded me of that experience – The school had a fabulous orientation program and answered all our questions before we could ask them! Gave us much confidence that our son was going to the right place!

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