1st Day of School Pictures

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OMGeeeee, Wesley started Kindergarten. Today, the third day, was the hardest of them all. This was the last day I could walk Wesley into school. Starting Monday, he must walk himself.

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The good news is… Wesley LOVES school. This was to be expected. Today, when I picked him up, I said, “Bug, how was your day at school?!” He responded enthusiastically, “GREAT!!”

Wesley is so easy. He’s always been way more independent than Wheels has. He likes to do things on his own. He doesn’t even like to cuddle as much. Although he will almost sit on top of me sometimes on the couch, he is still a child that likes his space.

This morning, I knew it was my last chance to walk him into school. I told him I would follow right behind he, but he needed to show me the way, so that I could make sure he knew where to go. He slightly hesitated as we walked into the school, then he didn’t second guess himself. After we walked into the lunch room to wait for his teacher to call him to line up, he didn’t even have a chance to sit down. They called his class to line up. I didn’t get to kiss him goodbye. I waved like a maniac, and I don’t think he even had a chance to see me. He looked so big, yet so small, as he walked in a straight line behind his teacher and out of the lunch room.

A kid this small shouldn’t have SOOO much responsibility! That’s what most mommies are thinking. That’s what I was thinking. I was thinking loudly… “HE ISN’T BIG ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS ALL ON HIS OWN.” Although I was thinking of how small he was, all my eyes could see was just how BIG he was. My 5-year-old… my kindergartener… He is so big, so independent, so determined. It’s amazing and upsetting at the same time. I need him to need me. Yet, I am so proud that he can stand on his own.

I’m nervous about how Monday will go. Although I know he will figure it out, I wonder what happens if his class is already dismissed from the lunchroom?!? He already has a pattern… he won’t know how to go directly to his classroom. What will he do without me there?! Sadly, I must come to the realization that he will be perfectly fine. Probably more than fine.

How can I freeze him? Please tell me you know. How do I make time stop?

I have one more baby. Wheels. He’s so much different than Wes Wes. Wheels is a mommy’s boy through and through. He would hang on my leg and let me drag him around if he thought it meant more time with me. Wheels doesn’t enjoy school like Wesley does. I sincerely hope that changes for him in K4. Wheels has always wanted and needed me. Next year, when he goes to Kindergarten, I’m going to need him to be a little weary. I’m going to need him to need me.

I have no idea what I’m going to do when neither of my boys need me.
As our oldest starts Kindergarten, I must wonder how I’m going to survive each milestone as time progresses.

#donteverleaveme #mommysboyforever

Happy First Week to Wesley Ares Richardson! I am so incredibly proud of the amazing little man you are becoming. I absolutely cannot wait to see what you learn in this next school year.

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