Monday Blues

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Tomorrow is Monday. Yuck. Who likes Mondays?!

What does my Monday look like?

My alarm goes off at 5AM, but I rarely make it until then. Around 4:15AM, I’ll wake up because I have to pee. EVERY morning, I try to ignore it. I’m not really sure how I can still fool myself into thinking I can ignore it. Around 4:30AM, I get up to pee. I get back in bed, but I’m up. My mind starts twirling and sleep is a dream.

At 5:00AM, I shuffle around the floor trying to find my flip flops that I swore I left in the perfect position to slip on straight out of bed. I can’t walk in my own house barefoot without getting anxiety about dirt or germs. I head straight to the spare bathroom on the other side of the house. I flip the light on, squinting and swearing I never want to see light again. I start putting on my makeup. For years now, putting on makeup has been the VERY first thing I do in the mornings. William is an early riser. If I don’t get my makeup on before he wakes up… I never will.

After makeup, I grab my phone and headphones and head to the sofa. Mornings where I’m able to get a few minutes to myself are the best. William is so unpredictable now-a-days. Some days he’s up at 5:15AM. Other days, he sleeps until 6AM. I work on blog related things, like trying to promote it. Then, I watch whatever series I’m currently watching on Netflix. This is where my headphones come into play. I don’t take any chances at waking up the boys. Around 5:30AM, William comes down the hallway. He usually has some silly or sweet question for me. This morning he walked down the hallway and immediately said, “Mommy, I went up to Wesley’s bed.” “Ooooh no… what did he do…” I couldn’t help but think. “Wesley didn’t have any covers on him, so I put my Batman blankey over him.” **Heart melts**

William sits on the sofa and 15 seconds later… he’s hungry… he’s thirsty… he wants me to turn on the TV… he wants to pick what to watch with the remote… he has to poopy…

I cook breakfast from 6-6:30AM, and wake Wesley up at 6:15AM.

Both boys typically complain about what I cooked for breakfast for a good 15 minutes. Wesley complains because it’s not pancakes.

I get ready. I get the boys ready. I wake Jeremiah up… who claims he doesn’t wake up until 7AM when it’s 6:57, haha. Most mornings I get frustrated that he sleeps until 7AM, but really, I’m just jealous. He works a lot later than me (a very physical job) and stays up later, so I know he needs the sleep. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated that he’s sleeping and I’m not! Truly though, I’m so used to getting up early, I couldn’t sleep until 7AM if I tried.

Depending on the week, I take one or both boys to school. Now Wesley has started Kindergarten, so there’s car line. I’m very fortunate that both schools and my work are in a 3-mile-ish radius. It’s off to work I go.

I only work until lunch on Mondays, which is so helpful to my schedule. So, at noon, I leave work to pick up William. We go to the grocery store, run other errands, do laundry and dishes, then pile up in the car to sit in car line by 2:45PM. Wesley has only been in Kindergarten three days, and I’ve learned that that’s the LATEST I can get there without being in a cluster. William starts complaining approximately 4 minutes into waiting. By 3:10PM… we have Wesley! Then it’s home to cook dinner and finish the laundry William and I started. While I’m cooking dinner, the boys aggravate eachother until both of them are yelling and crying. I try to ignore it. That doesn’t always work.

Sometimes I cook one meal. Sometimes I cook one for the boys and one for Jeremiah and me. By 6:30PM, we’ve typically finished dinner. I start Wesley’s shower and start cleaning the kitchen. Then I start William’s bath and finish cleaning the kitchen. Then the boys watch a little TV, or movie, or play in the living room. I get Wesley’s snack ready for school the next day. By 7:30 the boys are getting in the bed. I finish doing any last-minute cleaning in the kitchen, then hang out with Jeremiah.

I’m not a night person anymore. By 9:30PM, I’m ready to go to bed.

I’ve had two weeks off school. Tomorrow I start back… so, I’m not sure where I’m going to fit it in. My schedule has gotten lots more congested now that Wesley has started “real” school.

My schedule is determined by everyone else’s schedule. I’m pretty sure I have OCD, legitimately. When the plan I have set in my mind is changed, I feel like I’m going to freak out. Even when it has no bearing on my day.

I enjoy our busy life. I get frustrated with the best of them, but I wouldn’t change anything we have going on. We are a strong, determined, hard-working and loving family. I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. The man and two boys in my life make me who I am.

Still, I have to find time in my day. I have to search it out and make a way for it.

I have to get in shape and take better care of myself.

Moms. Or anyone really. People who are just plain busy. How do you do it? Where do you fit it in? What can I do differently?

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3 thoughts

  1. Mondays are the worst but yet the best days for me. It will change next week when my daughter goes back to school. But right now we have a good schedule. I am so not ready for the change but I really have no choice. Haha Great post and look into your life! So cool!

  2. I feel like I don’t fit so many things in these days! I literally have a weed in my backyard that is taller than me. Horrifying!

    But… my priorities have shifted so dramatically, and while I’d like everything to be perfectly kept like it once was… loving and caring for my family takes up the vast majority of the time!

    Anyways I’m impressed by you. I should try getting up at 4, I’m sure I’d get much more done!

    Valerie of 28 karat life

    1. 😂I can’t remember the last time I worked in my yard! And it sure needs some love.

      I totally understand the priority shift. While I love every minute of taking care of my home and family, I guess some things I haven’t accepted as different..: like my body!

      There’s not enough time in the day! 4AM is waaaay too early!

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