30th Birthday Photoshoot

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Today’s the day! I can no longer say I’m in my 20’s. I’m 30! Happy birthday to me!

I have a good feeling about my 30’s and am excited to begin this decade of my life.

With the help of 4 amazing friends, I did a little something last weekend to celebrate turning 30. Mommy took a break. We had a girl day!

My life-long bestie (since preschool), Lois Katherine, took some fantastic and fun pictures of me. Lauren, Regan, and Baily (“my squad”) supported my every need, gave me honest feedback, and made me feel like a celebrity.

I am blessed to have an amazing group of girls in my life! I love all 4 of you!

Today… less talky. More fun. I’m going to get on with it…

We probably took 200 pictures, and we all had a blast doing it.

I took individual photos with each of my friends. I can’t wait to see those!

You know… when I was in my 20’s, I don’t think I was this fun.

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