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I’m excited to write this post! This small area of our home is now one of my very favorite places. I have no idea how I kept up with our lives before we had a “command center.” Before I got organized, I tasked myself to remember everything. We both know that didn’t happen!

Creating a command center isn’t as easy as throwing up a calendar and some hooks. Although, the calendar is essential to the command center.

Every family is different. Every family requires emphasis in different areas of life. For my family, we needed help keeping school organized.

Our oldest, Wesley, started Kindergarten this year. This is totally new territory for us. “Real” school has added one hundred new things for us to remember monthly. Wesley isn’t the only one in school. William is in K4 this year. The hubby and I are also in school. It’s easier for us to remember work, meal planning, and errands when it’s part of our everyday schedules and the time we have available to do these things rarely change. School, though, is a revolving door. There is something new every week for all of us. That’s why I chose for our command center to emphasize, among other things, school.

Let’s talk about creating the command center! There are some decisions you must make before you get started.

  • Where is your command center going to be located?
  • Do you want a decorating theme or color scheme?
  • What do you need help organizing? What needs to be displayed?

Picking a place was easy for me. We have a blank wall that transfers from kitchen to dining area and living room. It was the perfect size and close to where we all spend majority of our mornings. I used a wall, but you don’t have to! You could use a small closet or counter space. Get creative!

I wanted a rustic theme with the main color being brown. I chose this because we already had a hanging folder/paper sorter that is silver tin. I wanted to be able to use that piece and have everything mesh well without being too matchy matchy.

No matter what your family’s needs are, I recommend choosing a calendar to be the center of your command center! I chose a chalkboard calendar from Hobby Lobby. It was 50% off the week I bought it! (Go me!) I don’t even have to use real chalk, which eliminates the chalk dust! There is such a thing as chalk pens. If the surface isn’t porous, you can use them. Which means you can also use them on whiteboards or glass. You do have to be careful with a chalkboard, because depending on the board it could be porous. So, make sure to test a spot first. They come in all colors and easily wipe off with a damp sponge. I use a magic eraser.

I needed somewhere to keep the kiddos bookbags. For some reason, those are hard for us to remember in the mornings when we are rushing to get out the door… if we can find them at all. So, I let William choose some hooks.

The next thing I had to have, was a place to display important information or things I need to remember to do. I found a piece that is kind of like three clipboards put together… except cuter. I have box tops clipped with the top clip, Wesley’s lunch schedule on the bottom clip, and I leave the middle open for any awards or notices from school.

When I realized three clips weren’t enough, I had to find something more. With birthday invitations, school events, and fundraisers, I needed more space to display info. So, I found a simple rectangle wired grid with brown clips (also from Hobby Lobby, because it’s awesome!) Now, I don’t have to pick and choose what is displayed, because I have enough space for everything. If it doesn’t get displayed and/or added to the calendar, I can toss it! This helps eliminate paper clutter more than you would believe!

I added a small shelf between the calendar and bookbag hooks. I have to pack Wesley’s snack every day. I started packing everything except his juice box the night before. I didn’t want to forget! I was leaving it randomly on our kitchen counter. Now, it has it’s own place above the bookbags. In the morning, I can easily finish packing his snack put it inside his bookbag. Yay!!! Less stuff on my counter!!!

We use the hanging sorter for school handbooks and any information we might need  access to without having to dig through a filing cabinet.

My wall isn’t finished yet. I plan on adding a few more decorative items to make it more fun! I still have an open space above the chalkboard. I’m on the hunt for the perfect piece. Probably an arrow of some sort. Blue maybe.

I love my wall. I’ve caught myself staring at it. Reading the items over and over… making sure I’m not missing anything. Since I created our family command center, we haven’t forgotten bookbags once, missed anything pertaining to school, or completely spaced on an appointment! We are organized, and it feels great!

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  1. This center looks amazing! I wish I had done something similar when mine were little to improve their organizational skills.

  2. So many great ideas! Organization is always an issue for me. (My gmail calendar is nothing but reminders on top of reminders with even more reminders.) Thanks for all the great tips!

  3. You have an awesome system!

    We’re doing family meetings on Sundays and print off the week from the Google calendar where everyone’s activity is assigned a colour. This works for us because we can take the calendar with us (on mobile) when we’re trekking various kids to various activities. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Do you get push back? My family is not as enthused by my planning, sometimes it’s a bit of a battle…

    1. I really like that idea! I just don’t know if I could get my husband to play along, haha. I don’t get much pushback with the command center, because I set up and organize it all. No one besides me has to do anything except look at it or hang up their bookbags…

      I definitely think if I tried the calendar thing I would get pushback. But, I absolutely LOVE the idea. It would be amazing for me.

  4. Organization is super important for a family on the move. Luckily my youngest is a senior in high school this year, but even at this age, I end up having to take her essential items that she forgot (even though we have a storage bench right by the front door JUST for her to keep all her school things together). Thanks for encouraging a system for managing the hustle and bustle better! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I love command centers, but of all the ones I’ve seen, I have to say yours is my favorite! The style of everything you used is the cutest!

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