Kid’s Heart Challenge

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When I was in elementary school it was called Jump Rope for Heart. I always enjoyed the time of year when my school was participating. Learning to jump rope and exercise to aid in keeping your heart healthy is an important lesson to learn… especially for kids.

We are also thrilled to teach Wesley the meaning of helping and giving to others. That is the lesson we truly want him to learn from this. It is a concept that can be difficult to teach a 5 year old who’s worst day consists of not watching Kid’s YouTube.

Being in Kindergarten, Wesley is participating in his first Jump Rope for Heart. Now, it is called Kid’s Heart Challenge. It’s his first fundraiser ever. The day we got the papers from school, we sat Wesley down and we came up with a plan. He was able to choose a personal challenge to accept. He chose “do at least one good deed per day.” He has definitely excelled in that challenge!

We also let him decide how much he wanted to raise. He said, “$1,000!” My eyes got big. He’s so ambitious. Dad let him know that was A LOT of money to raise, especially in a short period of time. So, he compromised at $500. Still… rather ambitious!

This week, his school let us know that every kid in the school was able to post a personal goal they would like to achieve in the 3rd nine weeks on the lunchroom window. Wesley’s goal was to win Kid’s Heart Challenge. How heartwarming is that? His goal is to be the best he can at helping others. He could have picked anything.

So, now we are striving to help him meet his goals. I want him to be able to say he tried his best. If all of our Facebook friends donated $1… just $1… we could raise over $400!!!

I want my ambitious, loving, giving kiddo to know that he can achieve his goals and make a difference in other’s lives.

I also want him to know that I will ALWAYS support his goals.

Any donation matters…

Today was the 100th day of school. “Dress like you’re 100 years old.”
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