Stuffed Animal Sleepover

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So, our library hosted an “event” where kids can bring their stuffed animals for a sleepover. When you drop your stuffed animal off, each kid gets to fill out some information about their animal and make sure they are settled in and hanging out with their friends. What a stinking cute idea!!!

At least I thought it was cute. A few days prior I mentioned it to Wesley and William. I was attempting to build the excitement. I told them they had to pick two stuffed animals to go to a spend the night party and they looked at me like I was insane.

“Why would they spend the night somewhere mom?!”

Once they were on board, they definitely weren’t going to leave their favorites over night. How would they survive?! They tried to pick stuffed animals buried under everything they owned. I’m surprised they even knew they existed. So we compromised with like 3rd-4th favorites.

Once we got to the library, we were handed a page to fill out: What’s your name? What’s your stuffed animals name? What is there favorite book? What do they need to do before they go to bed?

My kids were right on spot with the last question. Wesley answered, “eat, brush teeth, go potty, pick up after himself.” William answered, “eat.. but not junk food, put on pjs, brush teeth.” I’m pretty sure I earned some mom points with those five star answers!

Name tags were a must. How would their new friends know their name?!

Next, they chose books for their animals to begin reading. The ladies working set stacks of books in chairs, so their stuffed animals would be tall enough to read their books.

Once they saw all the animals attending the sleepover, the boys really began to get excited. During the car ride home, we threw out ideas of what they thought their animals would do during the sleepover. They couldn’t wait to pick them up the next day and find out!

The next day, we walked in the library to see all of the animals still snoozing. They must have played hard! Waiting beside each sleeping animal were some pictures of the animal’s shenanigans and a certificate!

All in all, I thought the stuffed animal sleepover was a super cute idea! The ladies at the library did an awesome job of interacting with the kids and getting them excited about it. I appreciate the extra time they took to take fun pictures!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! This is the cutest idea! I wish our library did something like this. It is such an awesome, fun, and thoughtful thing for the library to do!

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