How to Make a Dinosaur Valentine Box

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I asked Wesley what kind of Valentine box he wanted for his party at school….


I should have known… is there any other kind??

So I did the good mom thing and start googling/pinteresting to find a tutorial for a dinosaur Valentine box. Pictures… I found plenty of. No matter what I clicked on, I couldn’t find a tutorial. Because of that, I felt that I needed something to create one.

Here is how I made this super stinking cute dino valentine box…

Supplies needed:

  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • lots of tape
  • rectangle tissue box
  • square tissue box
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • stickers (optional)

The first step is to cut your tissue boxes. The dinosaur is going to be standing. You’re going to need the valentine cards to get in somehow! So, go ahead and take out all of the tissue!

Cut out one end of the rectangle tissue box completely. Do the same for the square tissue box.

On the square tissue box you’re also going to want to use the top of the box (where the tissue comes out) to create a dinosaur mouth. I cut a rectangle out of the top, leaving some box to create “lips.” I also cut a “V” shape out of both sides.

Next, fit the boxes together and tape them in place. Mine didn’t fit together perfectly. But, that didn’t matter. I used packing tape here, because I wanted it to be extra sturdy. I didn’t need my child hating Valentine’s Day for life because when he was his Kindergarten his dinosaur’s head fell off.

After the head was secure, I wrapped the entire structure in green construction paper. I used clear scotch tape for this (and the rest of the project.) I had to get over the fact that you could see the tape. In the end, it didn’t matter!

The next phase was the most fun, because I actually got to create the dinosaur. Don’t be scared to get creative and add your own special touch!

I made a funny little arm and used that arm to cut out a second similar arm. I did the same for the legs. Again, I used tape to secure them, but this time I rolled the tape and stuck it between the arm/leg and box. I tape the heart between the hands the same way.

The tail was super easy. I rolled construction paper into a cone and taped it up! I did cut about an inch off the open part of the cone, so that it would sit flush against the box. To secure it… you guessed it… I used tape!

I used two pipe cleaners to create spikes on the back and tail. I squiggled them and taped each end to secure them. I used white construction paper to make the teeth. I didn’t do any tracing, drawing or measuring. I just made two strips of triangles and taped them in. Finally… I added the eyes and let Wesley put on the stickers!

Didn’t it turn out great?!?!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to answer them!

After finishing this, Wesley and William helped me make Valentines for their classes. I asked Wesley if he had asked his girlfriend to be his Valentine yet?

Wesley: “Yes, and to marry me!”

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