Pizza Challenge; Mom Challenge

Most every mom with young children has heard of Ryan’s Toy Review on YouTube. For moooooooonths my boys have been asking me to do a pizza challenge… so today we finally did.

It’s wasted food, which I knew going into it. William will dip grapes in ketchup, but even he doesn’t want to eat pizza with applesauce, caramel sauce, hot dogs, and marshmallows on it!

Regardless, we all had fun! I made basic personal pizzas on flatbread. Sauce and cheese. I then numbered 10 plastic eggs (different sizes) from 1-10. I put numbers 1-10 in a bowl. Each kiddo was able to draw a number and pick the corresponding egg. Whatever the ingredient was, they were able to choose if they wanted it on their pizza or the other pizza! So, the entertainment ensued….

They were both troupers and held up their end of the challenge by tasting their pizzas!!

While I was cleaning up after the mess, they went outside to play. Ten minutes later William comes inside… big blue eyes looking at me. “We don’t want to be in trouble.”

As an unsuspecting mother, that’s the last thing I want to hear. I guess I should have already learned to always be suspecting. So, I asked Wheels to tell me what happened.
“Well, Wesley needs to change his clothes. We peed on the slide. I don’t want to tell you the rest.”

At this moment, I had to quickly, mentally choose whether I wanted to be angry or simply deal with whatever situation he was about to throw at me. So, I asked him to just be honest with me and I wouldn’t be angry.

“Well, me and Wes peed on the slide. Then we slid down it. Wesley’s clothes are wet. But it didn’t get on me.”

……yeah right!

I held up my end of THIS challenge and didn’t get angry. I did, however, refuse to touch their clothes. To the laundry room went their clothes and to the bath tub went their crazy butts.

And yes, Wheels is wearing Christmas pjs! 😎


  1. LOL! Every word of this post is awesome — and you’re creating memories they will have forever. (Later… you might remember the slide more than the pizza challenge, though!)


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