7 Reasons Millennial Moms Should Be Proud of Themselves

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I am a Millennial mom.

As with any stereotype or generalization, there are always exceptions. Not everyone considered a Millennial will fit into all or even one of these categories.

Millennial’s get a lot of crap. We tend to be entitled. Complicated. Outlandish in our thinking. Extremely over productive or extremely under productive, there doesn’t seem to be much in between. We are tech savvy and “connected.” We have a need for instant gratification and recognition. We place work-life balance and family time at the top of our priority list.

We are different in so many ways from the generations before us. I believe we get a lot of crap over the way we are simply because we are different.

We are a version of old-school values blended with new-age ideas. We recognize the importance of what was done generations before us, but we put our creative (or entitled, depending on who’s reading this) twist on the concepts.

Mom of WAR- Millennial mom

The role of Millennial mom is complex. Expectations are high for us! They are so high.

We are expected to have a career, fulfill household duties, get the kids to school and practice and doctor’s appointments and everywhere else in the world, and still have three meals on the table… preferably gluten free. I still have no idea what gluten even is.

Being a Millennial mom… takes practice! It’s a constant state of learning.

As a Millennial mom it is so easy to feel overwhelmed or become discouraged. But fear not mama. You have so many reasons to be proud of yourself!

7 Reasons Why Millennial Moms Should Be Proud of Themselves

1. We are moms first.

Jobs are important. Today, most households require two incomes just to survive. Still, Millennial moms recognize being a mom as their number one priority.

The time we have with our children is precious, and it isn’t something we can get back once it is gone. When our children are sick, we are there. We make valentines for school and send goodies for parties. We show up, regardless of the consequences. Maybe this makes us a liability to the workforce, but when you look in our hearts, we don’t care. Being mommy comes first.

2. Screen time isn’t that big of a deal.

Of course, we don’t want our children watching TV and playing on their tablets all day and night. We grew up playing outside and only coming inside when it started getting dark and mom said it was dinner time.

Today, most 2-year-olds can navigate a tablet well. We are a tech savvy generation. It just doesn’t bother us as much that our children are beginning to understand it at such an early age. We still play soccer and t-ball. We still go to the park and play outside in the backyard. If they want to play on a kid friendly tablet in their down time… go for it!

3. We are pretty smart if I say so myself…

…Or at least educated. Millennial moms value education. The percentage of moms continuing their education has grown dramatically.

According to aei.org, women earned the majority of doctoral degrees in 2017. This is a statistic they have won for the previous 9 years as well. Whether it is an Associate’s, B.S., M.S., or PhD, moms are on the move!

This is something I can personally attest to. I completed my M.S. in December 2018 and started my PhD in April 2019! 

4. We consider how to parent.

As a millennial mom, we recognize there are different ways to parent. Different approaches work for different families, personalities, and children.

Children, like all other humans, are so different from one another. We recognize that what works for one might not work for the other. There are so many ways to parent… free-range parenting, metric parenting, attachment parenting, and even the not so loved concept of helicopter parenting, which I confess… I am totally that person. At least I was for the first three years of the boy’s lives. It added stress on me… but it worked for us! Which is what being a Millennial mom is all about!

5. We go above and beyond.

We definitely know how to stress ourselves out. When our kid needs a valentine box for school, we can’t just wrap up a shoe box with fun paper and put a hole in the top. We have to Pinterest the most fun ideas, buy the 100 supplies you probably won’t use for another year, and spend two hours creating a masterpiece. See my dinosaur valentine box for official proof that I can’t keep it simple!

This goes for everything. It might stress us out, but we thoroughly enjoy it. Seeing our kiddos faces when they get to take ownership of the finished product makes it all worth it.

6. We expect dad to help.

It’s completely unrealistic to assume that a mom can work, go to school, do everything for the kids, and do all household tasks. Sure, there are times we have to, and during those times we excel. We get it all done. But long term… we would spontaneously combust.

I get help in my house! Although I don’t say it as often as I should, I appreciate it! I appreciate you, Dad.

7. Being healthy matters.

Millennial moms understand the need to be healthy. Sure, we have our failing moments. However, incorporating fresh fruits and veggies, non-processed meat, and less sugar is a top priority for us.

Eating healthy is soooo expensive. Still, there are ways to make it work. We eat a lot of eggs in our house! We have mastered eggs all different ways and in so many dishes! Blueberries and strawberries are also a favorite snack. Our kids also eat chicken, fish (even salmon and love it!), and steak on a weekly basis.

Millennial moms are also big on exercise in some form or another. Yoga and CrossFit seem to be the most advertised. Others walk, jog, lift weights, Zumba, spin, or participate in group exercise like Boot Camp. For me, it’s the gym or outdoor time with my kids. My kids see me doing this. They understand it’s something I make time for. Understanding that exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle is something I want my boys to understand. Being a living example is the best way to show your kids something you value.

You’ve Got This Mama

The Millennial generation gets a lot of backlash for their different ways of doing things. Being a Millennial mom is something I am proud of. As you can see, I have a lot of reasons to hold my head high as a Millennial mom. I continue learning every day. Sometimes I learn the hard way. The really hard way. After I pick myself up and wipe away the tears and dirt, I take what I learn and run with it.

My main goal: be better than I was yesterday.


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6 thoughts

  1. Motherhood is the hardest. This post is a great insight when it comes to millennial moms. Hats off to all the mamas, Millennial or not!

  2. These are great points! This really gave me a boost of confidence. The older generation is constantly telling us how to raise our kids and I’m glad we’ve found our own way of doing things and we balance things very well. Good read.

  3. As a millennial mom, I would say this is so true! I think it’s especially true that we consider how to parent. I think previous generations just did what their parents did. They certainly loved their children, but they didn’t have access to the information that we do. I love that I can decide for myself what kind of parent I want to be and that I can connect with other parents who are making similar choices.

  4. You know what?

    As a millennial mom myself, and commonly hearing all the same complaints about us that you’ve described, this list is refreshing to read.

    It’s an encouraging reminder that, no matter what generation we are parenting in, we all love our kids and want to do the best we can.

    I’m “guilty” of most everything on your list and gosh darn proud of it!

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