Funny Things My Kids Have Done… This Week! Vol. 2

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This week has flown by in a blur. The events of the week already seem distant. WHAT DID WE EVEN DO?!

What I haven’t forgotten, or completely disregarded like some events from the week, is that my kids are cray-cray and hilariously entertaining. Seriously, grab some popcorn.

Last Saturday, we hosted a fundraiser obstacle course for the Alabama Kidney Foundation. I brought the boys with me to the event. It was right up their alley! After completing the entire course with them twice, I watched them complete it several more times.  At one point, someone brought all the volunteers donuts. Makes sense… right? LET’S GET HEALTHY!!!!  ….. AND EAT DONUTS. All jokes aside, it was very nice and appreciated. Right up until the wind blew a whole dozen onto the ground, splattered everywhere. It was a crazy-windy day. Wesley didn’t care. He had two… maybe three. At one point, he completed the obstacle course WITH a donut. Talk about dedication to health and donuts. Here’s his one arm push-ups…


We also had Easter this past Sunday! Busy weekend! Our Easter Bunny must be a pretty cool bunny. The boys got Reptar Bars. Wesley, who loves sweets, hated the taste of the chocolate bar. Still, he ate away. He had to have his mouth turn green like it does on Rugrats.


On the days I pick Wesley up from school, I try to ask him questions about his day or school in general. Getting info out of a 6-year-old besides, “I don’t remember,” is difficult! This week I asked Wesley what his favorite subject in school was now. He responded, “PE, because people get on red in PE, and I like to see why they get in trouble.” Ehhhhh, I refuse to confirm or deny whether or not his interest in drama is directly related to…. ME.

It looks like Wesley was the funniest of the Richardson boys this week. But that Wheels… he will sneak up on you.

What awesome little dudes I am blessed with! They definitely keep me on my toes, provide lots of laughs, lots of “what did you say!!” moments, and lots of love!

Check out this week’s pictures below!

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