Dear Ellen,

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I’ve written you off and on over the years, mainly because I love you. Not in a creepy way. I love you in a, you should have been my mom, kind of way. So, not creepy at all.

If I haven’t asked you for 12 days of Christmas tickets, I for sure thought about it one million times.

I could ask you for all the things I wish for. A Disney vacation for us and the kids would be so much fun.

A master suite built on to our home would be ideal. Then we wouldn’t have to share a bathroom with two little boys (plus any guests we have over) and our bedroom wall would no longer be the boy’s bedroom wall (not good for mommy-daddy time, ya know?)

A personal meal planner would change my life! A housekeeper would ease my anxiety.

I could ask you for the Christmas time mountain vacation we have tried to plan for three years but have never been able to follow through on.

A shopping spree would be great for my soul. But, I won’t ask for any of the things I wish for.

IF I were to ask for something it would be for something I need.

What I really really really really…. REALLY… really need is a vehicle. The past two years for my little family have been trying. Every time we believe we will be able to buy a new car for me, something unexpected happens that sets us back. While most of these setbacks have been negative, the most recent setback is not a setback at all. Instead, it is a huge blessing.

We have had a lot of changes happening within our City’s school system. Changes that were not the best for our children. We were forced to make decisions and expand our options past our City’s schools. The school we chose (and that chose us!) happens to be the BEST school in our city. That comes with a cost that we are more than willing to pay in order for our children to receive the best education. But, that means no new car for mom. I’m okay with that.

Let me introduce you to Old Betsy. She’s a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer pushing 200,000 miles. Betsy has been a great vehicle. I purchased her the year our oldest son was born. She brought him, as well as our youngest son, home from the hospital. She has gotten us everywhere we have needed to be over the past 6 years. Sadly, her days are numbered.

We live in South Alabama. It gets stupid hot here. We had a record breaking weekend this past weekend. Temps made it to 100 degrees. It’s only May! Old Betsy no longer has AC. Last year we were able to use the AC as a fan, which helped. Not anymore. I can survive. But, the boys don’t deserve to bake. They don’t come out smelling like cookies.

Betsy’s bones are getting brittle. She creaks something crazy with every small bump. It’s cringe worthy. I pray over every bump that the whole car doesn’t just fall to pieces underneath me. I think that can happen, right?

Did I mention she leaks? She really is an old woman! There’s nothing like taking a ride with that fresh mildew smell a day or two after a good rain.

She will be well missed in memory, but definitely not in person!

I could ask you for a new car, but I’m not going to! People ask you for stuff every day.

I would rather just know you. Like, I want to be your friend! You are an incredibly kind, generous human being that knows how to have fun. Who wouldn’t want to be your friend??

So let me tell you about me. I’m a happy, peppy, positive person. Sometimes a little goofy. I love family activities, BIRTHDAYS, making things I’ve found on Pinterest (mainly recipes and crafts for kids), and so much more. Despite all the fun we have, we are a typical family and have our share of struggles.

My favorite part of life is my family, which I know is a value of yours as well. Our handsome little boys keep us busy and our house dirty. This weekend we are going camping. You can come if you want!

I am a PhD student studying general psychology. One day I hope to teach others and spread my passion for learning.

I understand the value of hard work. My husband started a small business years ago. After many struggles and even recent obstacles, this small business has grown to become our family’s main source of income.

I enjoy going to new places and learning new things; however, I am perfectly fine sitting at home with a nice meal and a movie. I think you will find that I am very easy to please!

We should definitely get together. We could do whatever you want. I tend to be a bit indecisive anyways. Going to the grocery store with me can be a nightmare. Why are there so many choices?

Although, you might enjoy a ride in my moving sauna. We could call it a spa day.

Another thing, I have zero rhythm. I could really benefit from you teaching me some of your dance moves.

Like any successful doctoral student, I have done my scholarly research (Google). I know the chances of you seeing this letter are pretty slim. Still, I have to try, because I think we could be great friends!

I hope all is well. I look forward to hearing from you one day!

Your new daughter/bestie/sidekick/whatever you want to label it works for me,


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I’ve posted a montage below of some of Betsy’s adventures for you to enjoy. She has hauled some very precious cargo over the past 6 years.


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