5 Great Family Spots in Panama City Beach, FL

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We had a much needed family vacation to the beach last weekend to celebrate William’s birthday.

I want to start off by recommending something that revolutionized my beach trip!

I try to take so many pictures of the boys. At the beach and by the pool, you always have to worry about whether or not your phone is going to survive.

Alone, it’s so easy for an accident to happen. Add kids and all of the other beach and pool goers to the equation and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

I knew I had to prepare for this trip by protecting my phone. So, I purchased this waterproof phone case:

It’s only $7.99 for two! I was able to take clear pictures, text, answer the phone (with speaker phone on), and use my flashlight.

Saturday, we were waiting on a friend to come down for the day. In order to not miss her phone call, I had my phone in this case on the ledge of the pool at the resort with children jumping and splashing all around it. It comes with a nifty lanyard to keep it around your neck.

I also tossed it beside our towels in the sand.

I might have looked like a total tourist, but my phone has zero damage. No water or sand got into the case. It’s an absolute must have for any mom!

Tip: When you take your phone out, you’re going to think it is stuck! And possibly panic like I did. Blow air into the case and then pull your phone out easy peasy (thanks dad!)


We are fortunate to live close to one of the world’s most popular beaches… Panama City Beach, FL. With beautiful white sand beaches and blue and green waters, the view from your balcony is picture worthy.

Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach has a reputation of being a party spot for teenagers and young adults. But, I believe they have done a great job of keeping the place family friendly over the years!

William had been asking to go to the beach for months and months and months. So, a bit  ago, Dad asked William if he would rather have a beach weekend for his birthday or have a birthday party with a water slide. He chose the beach! Yay for all of us!

5 Great Family Spots in Panama City Beach, FL

Hammerhead Fred’s

The first night we wanted to go somewhere close to our condo to eat dinner. So, we chose Hammerhead Fred’s. I have been to Panama City Beach 100s of times and don’t think I have been to Hammerhead’s before. It was a great first experience!

I ordered mahi tacos that were fabulous! The boy’s kids meals were served on frisbees, which they were stoked about. Our waiter was on the top of his game, and the atmosphere was family friendly.

Hammerhead Fred's, Panama City Beach, FL

Rock’it Lanes

By the time we finished dinner, it wasn’t dark enough to take the boys crabbing on the beach, so we decided to head to Rock’it Lanes to kill some time. Rock’it Lanes has grown tremendously since I was a kid. It’s not just a bowling alley and a few pool tables anymore. They have added a skating rink and a large arcade. We weren’t totally prepared, because we all had on flip flops… meaning no socks… meaning no bowling.

We were completely okay with hanging out in the arcade. Each of the boys had their own token card. They had me and dad walk jogging all over the place to keep an eye on them! Of course we “borrowed” their cards a few times so we could play some games too!

Little Village

Saturday we hung out on the beach and by the pool ALL day! We were getting a little waterlogged, so we decided to hang in the condo for a bit and get ready for dinner.

Saturday evening we ventured downtown to visit one of our favorite hangout spots, Little Village. Little Village is a boho-esque eatery and shop.

Little Village, Panama City, FL

If you’ve never been to Little Village, I highly recommend it. Seating is outside under trees and sunshades. It’s super laid back, has water bowls for your furry friends, and a cool gift shop. The food is made by FINNS Island Style Grub, which is ah-may-zing. They have live music after 6, which came just in time for the first song to be Happy Birthday to William.


Little Village

Liza’s Kitchen

We try to visit Liza’s Kitchen every time we are in town overnight. Liza’s Kitchen is the place to go for brunch or lunch. There’s always a line, so go early!

We typically eat outside. It’s been a habit of ours since the boys were babies. Now, outside is kind of our spot.

I recommend Hippie Hash for brunch! Dad swears by the muffaletta. Don’t forget a bucket of mimosas to share with the table!

Liza's Kitchen

Pier Park

Pier Park is an upscale outlet mall with a collection of stores, restaurants, and activities. It has something for everyone. This particular visit was for our sweet-lover.

Pier Park, Panama City Beach, FL

Yep, there is an entire store dedicated to candy. The store is massive! Wesley was so excited he didn’t really know what to do with himself. The very first thing he saw is what he picked as his treat. We wondered the store for a good 20 minutes. He kept circling back to the entrance with his eye on his prize.

Pier Park isn’t just an outlet mall. It’s a beautiful place. Walking through the streets you feel like you’re at the beach, although you cannot see it. It just feels good.

Pier Park, Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach is a great place for families. Even if you don’t do all the extras, the beaches are a perfect place to spend your time.

Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach, FL

Our next few weeks are about to get busy! School is starting back, and we still have lots to do to prepare!

Before all the busyness gets even busier, I’m glad I got to spend a weekend with my fam WITHOUT all the busyness. There is nothing in this world that is more fun or means more to me than quality time with my three guys.

Panama City Beach, FL.png



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  1. We love the Gulf Coast side of Florida but have yet to make it up to the panhandle. This sounds amazing and has definitely bumped Panama City Beach up our family trip list!

  2. This looks like such a great place for a family vacation- so many fun things to do! We’ve never visited before, but since we’re big beach people, I definitely plan to keep it in mind!

  3. We just got back from PCB and had a great time while there! You’ve got to try Gypsea Crepes if you haven’t already.

  4. We vacationed here in the 90’s when our children were little and loved it! Pier Park wasn’t built yet, but looks like a fun place to go! Thinking about returning!

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