6 Ways for Moms to Survive Their Kid’s First Day of School

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We had our first day of school this week!

Both of our kiddos are officially in “big” school. Our baby started Kindergarten, and our oldest started first grade!

I spent the entire day before the first day of school worrying about how they would react. Not only was it their first day, it was also a new school! I was afraid it would be overwhelming.

Truth is… they will be just fine.

It’s us… the moms… that won’t be! For some of us, it’s the night before school starts. For others, it’s seeing our no longer little babies walking into the classroom. For me, it’s after the fact. The excitement of the day has ended and the reality of what I have done has hit me!

I have willingly handed my children over to the next chapter of their lives, and now that I have, I’m sure there will be a snowball effect. 

Each year will go faster than the last. Before I know it, they will be driving cars and dating girls (OH MY GOSH!!), and I will be wondering what happened to Kindergarten and 1st grade??? Where did it go???

It’s soooo normal for moms to experience anxiety, worries, sadness, and even mini freak outs during these big life changes! So, instead of tips for how to make the first day of school easier for kids, here are tips on how to make the first day of school easier for mom!

6 Ways for Moms to Survive Their Kid’s First Day of School

Turn Anxiety into Excitement

There are so many things running through a mom’s mind on the first day of school. Will my child make new friends quickly? Will someone be mean to him? Etc. Etc. Etc. Last week, I talked about how parental anxiety can affect children in Parenting With Anxiety. Instead of allowing your anxiety to transfer to your children, channel your anxiety into excitement. Talk with them about all of the new, great things they will experience and the new friends they will make. You are starting a whole new journey. Your role as a parent is shifting and although that’s scary and sad, it’s exciting!

Stay Informed

Go to any meetings the first week of school that are available. Read over all of the paperwork and handouts sent home. Being able to eliminate any questions you may have will help put your mind at ease!

Contact Info

Find out the best way to stay in contact with your child’s teacher and school. Most teachers use some sort of messaging app or hand out an email address. In my experience, teachers are very willing to answer any random questions you may have… as long as it is a decent hour!

Get Involved

Find ways you can get involved that fit into your schedule. Having the opportunity to see your child in their school environment will help ease your anxieties. Your kiddo will LOVE it too!


Sometimes we just need it. Talk to your girlfriends or your spouse. Let them know the feelings you are having. Saying them out loud can help. It can also give you a different perspective or talk you down from the proverbial ledge.

Be Their Biggest Supporter

Understood. Right? Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of what we already know. So we can check ourselves and make sure we are doing the best we possibly can. Ask questions about their day. Get involved with homework. Talk to them about any problems they may be having. Find ways to implement fun activities or small prizes when they accomplish something new. Whatever support means for you, give it your all!

I guess we can’t avoid them getting older and needing us less. We can enjoy them being small.

Stress less, enjoy more.

You got this mama. 

How did you survive the first day of school?! Tell us about it in the comments…

6 Ways for Moms to Survive Their Kid's First Day of School

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10 thoughts

  1. These are excellent tips! My older ones are in school but will be working with my little ones at home and these are really helpful 🙂

  2. The first day of school is so hard for everyone! Excitement, nerves, the unknown. It is a lot. We just try to be prepared and take it one day at a time. Usually everyone is happy after the first day! So we focus on just having a great first day and not thinking beyond that. We are lucky that our schools start in the middle of the week so its just two or three days at first then a weekend.

  3. It goes by way too fast! I still have 2 littles at home but my 4 older ones all range from high school down to elementary school. It gets easier and yet yet more difficult each time

  4. Great post! Mine have a few years before they start school but I shared this with a few friends that have little ones starting kindergarten this year!

  5. Support is definitely the #1 thing I think, especially if its a brand new school. It’s always scary sending them off to school for the first time, but its just as scary for them, if not more. Great post!

  6. These are great tips. My son starts preschool this year and I am definitely anxious but trying my best to relay it as excitement! I am also actually excited to have a few hours to myself each week!

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