Funny Things #13

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School has started back and our busy lives are back in full swing. It’s taking a bit of adjusting from all of us over the past two weeks. Waking up at 4AM isn’t super easy when you’ve been waking up at 6AM all summer!

This was the first real summer break the boys have had, so their routine changed quite a bit from summer to school. They took it surprisingly well and seem to be in a good routine.

Amidst all of the adjusting and busyness of the past two weeks, they have still managed to be funny…

They were playing a memory card game together and “got into a fight.” I usually try to intervene and tell them to be nice to each other, use nice words, you know? All that jazz. Not this time. I had to see where this was going…

As Wesley was organizing the cards face down, he was letting Wheels have it. I’m guessing this was his version of telling him off. I have no idea what Wheels did to get Wesley going.

Wesley: “That means I want you to be a dinosaur so you will be extinct, like the volcano. You’re being mean mean mean. Mean as DIAPERS. Do you know how gross is diapers? NO!! Diapers is gross. I’M GOING TO PUT IT IN YOUR FACE.”

William was walking the room, totally ignoring Wesley and in a singsong voice repeating: “You’re being so so so mean. So mean.”

Yikes… diapers is gross.

Headland, AL

Sooooo the other morning we were getting ready for school and I noticed William had toothpaste all over his mouth and chest. Dude let’s take care of that. As I was getting him a wet paper towel, he started to confess.

He told me while he was brushing his teeth he really had to pee. So, he was brushing his teeth while he was peeing, and he dropped his toothbrush in the toilet.

… “Was there pee in the toilet when you dropped it in there?” I asked him without saying anything else. Not that lack of pee in the toilet would have changed this situation. If you know me, you know I am afraid of germs. That bad boy was going to be properly disposed of either way.

His response with big blue eyes wondering if he was about to get in trouble: “Well, there was, but I washed it off!”

Oh boy.

I grabbed a paper towel to go search for it. I wasn’t about to touch it. I told him we had to throw it away, which was devastating news since “the doctor (dentist) gave it to me!!!!!”


It was a really cool Spiderman toothbrush. The only thing he likes better than Spiderman is Batman. So, I had to buy him a Batman toothbrush to make up for it. See how that worked out? Interesting.

I really feel like my life has way too much pee in it.

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Funny Things

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  1. Oh my goodness, hilarious. Kids are so creative, like using diapers to insult someone, that’s pretty good! Haha

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