Funny Things #14

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Let’s talk about funny… and mind boggling… things kids do. This week my story kind of makes you scratch your head and go…. hmmmmmm? All while laughing at the same time.

Last week, Wesley came home talking about a green pencil his best friend at school had. He said he wanted to trade him dollars for the pencil. I was cooking dinner, so I wasn’t looking at Wesley, but I was telling him that he couldn’t do that. I wasn’t sure how to explain to a 6 year old that you can’t start a side hustle of selling things your parents bought you at school, but I told him he just couldn’t do it.

At some point he brought all of his “dollars” in the kitchen telling me he could take them to school and trade the pencil. He wanted to trade a bath bomb with a toy inside, but he didn’t have one, so he could trade the “dollars.”

Honestly believing the kid would forget about it by morning, I told him again that he couldn’t do that and went about my business.

The next day when I picked him up from school he immediately waved a bright green mechanical pencil as to say, “look what I got!” My response was, “Oh, Bug, that was so nice of your friend! He gave you the pencil anyways….”

“No mom. I traded him ‘dollars.'”

“Wesley…. how many ‘dollars?'”

“3 fives and 2 ones.”

Oh brother. At this point I was in such disbelief, I wasn’t really sure how to respond. So, I took a minute before asking him if he knew how many mechanical pencils I could buy him with $17!!!!

Funny Things Kids Do

I then had to explain to him that he couldn’t take money to school unless mommy or daddy gave it to him and told him what to do with it. I still wasn’t really sure how to explain this entire concept to a 6 year old, but I believe I made my point this time. He was upset. Well I think he was more embarrassed than anything.

I didn’t want to be that person who contacted his teacher and asked for the money back since it was my mistake and my kid’s mistake. So I told Wesley, “I’m sorry dude. You are just out that money.”

The next day in car line Wesley’s teacher asked if I heard what happened. Apparently the friend’s dad heard the same story I did from his kiddo and returned the money. Thanks friend’s dad!! Of course, Wesley returned the pencil as well. Hopefully that is a lesson learned for my kid. At least until he learns how to count money!

You guys know I’m a planner… so we’ve started talking about Halloween costumes. I thought I would share William’s costume plans, since he has officially planned his costumes for the next 6 years.

This year: Harry Potter with a wand

Next year: Captain America with a shield

The next year: Power Ranger

The next year: A bouncy ball (not a typo!)

The next year: Dino Dan

And finally: A stygimoloch

Dothan, AL

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What have your kids done lately that has made you giggle? Let me know in the comments!

Funny Things Kids Do

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