Baking With Kids: Creating Monster Eye Cookies

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This past weekend, I was buying some things for dinner at Walmart before I picked up my Walmart grocery order… yes, you heard that correctly.

I had a few minutes to kill before I knew I would get the email saying my order was ready, so I was looking around the newly displayed Halloween treats.

I found a bunch of kits to make cookies, but I needed something simple because I knew I wouldn’t have much time. AND I needed something that didn’t require detail with royal icing. I can totally make royal icing… but I cannot do intricate details with it. When I try, it’s a total Nailed It situation.

I came across a Monster Eyes Cookie kit by Great Value. Monster eyes! On cookies? That’s right up the boy’s alley.

Great Value Monster Eyes Cookie Kit

The kit includes everything except for a stick of butter and two egg whites. When I told the boys we were making cookies and they could do everything they were so excited.

So, we got to baking…

Mom of WAR

First you make the dough. Vanilla is optional, but I added a teaspoon. Then you separate it into three bowls, so you can add food coloring. The boys chose a color, and I mixed the 3rd. (I have to keep it even or there could potentially be a meltdown!). I told them to start mixing with their hands…

“We are allowed to get all messy?!”

So, I threw my hands in my bowl. They laughed a big laugh and did the same. They thought it was so cool how the dough changed colors. Instead of making all the cookies one color, we put some of the colors together for a few cookies. The boys wanted to know how it would turn out when you mixed colors. You’ll see at the end!


Next, we made the cookies and put them on the tray. The recipe says it makes 18-20 cookies. The boys were set on making their cookie dough balls a little smaller, so we ended up with about 40 cookies. To adjust for the smaller cookies, I took 3 minutes off the baking time. I only baked each batch for 10 minutes, and they turned out perfect!

Right when the cookies come out of the oven, you put the monster eyes on. The boys thought they were sooooooo funny as they made silly cookies with different numbers of eyes on them.

Mom of WAR

They loved the finished product. Baking wouldn’t be complete without a taste test. So, we all sat down to have a cookie together!

Monster Eye Cookies

This kit was perfect for our busy schedule! We also were able to have some holiday fun and quality time that might have otherwise been spent wasted.

Monster eye cookies.png

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