Must-Have Toys for Christmas 2019: My Personal List

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You guys know I’m a planner. I typically start planning for Christmas in August. I choose August because the kid’s birthdays are done and summer fun is winding down. Sounds like a good time to start looking and shopping for Christmas to me! My first step is to create a personal list of the must-have toys for Christmas, so I can keep track of all I plan to buy and mark them off as I go.

This year… I’m a month late! I’m just now beginning to even plan. It seems as though the older they get, the busier we all get. Don’t get me wrong, I love that. I love watching them grow, learn new things, and become involved in new things. It is, however, taking a toll on my planning abilities.

Last week, I made a quick list of some of the things I wanted to get them for Christmas. This actually takes research, hahaha.

I know I’m not the only one! I know others do their research or at least look around for some ideas. So, I thought I would share my tentative list with all the other planners out there. This is my personal list; these are things I am buying for my own kiddos. Hopefully this helps you guys find some new cool things to buy your kiddos as well. I will continue to update the list as I add to my own!

Must-Have Toys for Christmas 2019: My Personal List

Flip Challenge- Buy It Here

Every time my kids have a bottle in their hands they are trying to flip the bottle. It’s already a game, so why not make it official?! My boys are going to love this!

Stomp RocketBuy It Here

Stomp RocketBuy It Here

These were around when I was a kid! They were fun then, and I imagine they are fun to kids now!

CuttitosBuy It Here

Yes. It’s a stuffed animal wrapped in a burrito. I know, this is probably one of the silliest things you’ve seen in a while. When I saw it, I thought the same thing and got a pretty good laugh. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized my kids, especially my 5 year old who adores stuffed animals, would absolutely love this!

Relay: A Kid’s Phone AlternativeBuy It Here

Of course my 6 year old wants a phone. Mainly because a cousin of his has a parent’s old phone that she uses to watch YouTube. We don’t allow the kids to watch YouTube without our supervision, so he says he would use it to call us too. When looking for ideas that weren’t phones but maybe had some of the same features, I ran into this little gadget. Some features include: GPS tracking, walkie talkie style talking, the ability to listen to messages, and SOS alerts. It definitely something I am considering!

Magnetic Blocks- Buy It Here

This is something my kids specifically asked for recently. They asked for magnetic building blocks WITHOUT the holes in them. These are them! We don’t have any, but we have played with some at a friends house before. They are a lot of fun and teach the kids to use their imagination.

Nerf Gun- Buy It Here

My boys literally ask for a new nerf gun for any holiday that requires presents. It would probably be a great idea to buy one of those big tubs of nerf darts too, because we all know how easily they get lost!

Nerf Tactical Vest- Buy It Here

This vest and accessories make playing with the nerf guns that much more fun! I can see Wesley now… running around hiding behind things and rolling on the ground with true tactical skill!

Bug Catcher- Buy It Now

William is absolutely terrified of bees. Like, he gets hysterical and runs and spazzes out. Still, he’s asked for something to catch bugs with multiple times. I found this cute little bug bungalow. It even has tweezers to pick the bug up with… score for everyone!

Hookey- Buy It Here

This game looks like a lot of fun for the entire family! I almost bought this game last year but have officially decided that I’m going to this year. It could easily go in a kid’s room, playroom, outside on a patio, or in a shed/clubhouse. I haven’t decided if I am going to put my kid’s name on the present or my hubby’s!

Air-Dry Clay- Buy It Here

My boy’s love to make crafts. We have built things with popsicle sticks and construction paper. We’ve painted canvas with our fingers, paint brushes, and cars. We have never made anything out of clay! Once this clay dries, you are able to paint it, which is even better! I’ll definitely be saving a little bit of clay for myself.

Photo Bulletin Board- Buy It Here

We recently gave the boys separate bedrooms. I thought it would be hard on at least one of them, but they have loved it every day since it was official. When we went to a Chuck E Cheese birthday party two weekends ago, Wesley played a game that printed out a picture of him. It was such a great picture. It was right then that I realized they needed their own place to hang pictures, notes, and drawings that meant something to them. These photo bulletin boards are perfect!

Quilt Bedding Set- Buy It Here

I’m wanting to switch my kid’s bedding over from poofy comforters to quilts. I was thinking sharks for Wheels and dinos for Wesley, but I am not set on that decision. I have had my eye on this shark bedding set for a year now! If I do not go with sharks and dinos it will only be because I am also wanting to decorate their entire rooms and they’ve both recently told me they want superhero rooms!

Dell Laptop- Buy It Here

Wesley is in first grade, and William is in Kindergarten. They both started using computers in Kindergarten, and Wesley is using them even more this year. He takes certain tests on them, and even has an entire computer class. I know this seems like a big responsibility for a 1st grader (that’s who this would be for), but that’s why I chose this computer.

Why this laptop?

I’m sure it isn’t indestructible, but the description and reviews both boast its ability to withstand more than other laptops, even after being dropped. It has parental controls and malicious spyware cannot be downloaded. This seems like a great first computer for our 1st grader.

Axe Throwing Game- Buy It Here

I’m sure you guys have seen some of the hype of axe throwing. We actually have an axe throwing facility coming to our city. Daddy just built himself a man cave in the backyard, and he has talked about adding an axe throwing area to it. So, I thought this game would be perfect for the boys. Maybe even dad can get some practice in.

Under Armour Beyond 18 Ounce Stainless Steel Water BottleBuy It Here

Do your kids love cups?! Mine are crazy about cups. I know that sounds crazy, but they get excited when they use glass cups like mom and dad or when they use unique cups with crazy straws or designs. Lately, they’ve been wanting to use daddy’s water bottles for the gym. So, this gift is rather practical. They are going to love it… plus they can use it for soccer and t-ball!

As always guys, I am always looking for new ideas. If you have any ideas of your own, leave them in the comments! Let’s help each other plan!

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Must-Have Toys for Christmas 2019

Must-Have Toys for Christmas 2019
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      1. My little guy is a little too young for most of these, but I’ve been considering getting the magnetic blocks! He would be fascinated by them πŸ˜‰

  1. These toys look like awesome Christmas gifts! My toddler loves insects, so I’ll definitely have to check out the bee cage.

  2. My 2 cute nephews definitely will like “Nerf Gun” for Christmas. Your gift items are perfect for my family this Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I shop for Christmas gifts all through the year, depending on when I get a good deal. I bought a $30 dollar bike for my 6 year old back in September. Love the axe throwing game and hookie. I have so many kids in my family who would love these.

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