7 Reasons I’m Obsessed with Knockaround Sunglasses

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This past week I received a pair of new Knockaround sunglasses in the mail, and I am obsessed! #gifted

I had never heard of the brand before: Knockaround.

It really is a shame I have never heard of Knockaround before, and I’m going to tell you 7 reasons why.

While browsing their website, I got the feel of their name. Besides the classic colors, their sunglasses come in bright, fun colors. I actually pictured myself wearing them while I was running errands, watching the boys play soccer, or hanging out outside on the weekend. The style of these glasses embody their name.

The style I chose: Mai Tais. Color: Watermelon geode. Check them out here! Mine are polarized, but you are able to get them non-polarized as well.

Watermelon Geode Mai Tais

from: Knockaround

I want to be totally honest with you guys. These sunglasses may have been gifted to me, but all of the great things I am about to say about them are 100% true!

Why I am obsessed with my new Knockaround sunglasses:

  1. They are not heavy on my face.
  2. Although they are light, they are not flimsy. They are very sturdy.
  3. They do not slip on my face.
  4. The style, Mai Tais, is so stinking cute!
  5. The color, Watermelon Geode, pops. It’s so much fun!
  6. Knockaround is very affordable!
  7. I feel great wearing them, which we all know is a game changer in itself!
Knockaround Sunglasses

Finding a great pair of sunglasses can be a challenge. But, it looks like my search is over! I have definitely found a pair that can hang with my lifestyle.

These sunglasses are great for all of the busyness of the day. I don’t have have to worry about my sunglasses constantly slipping down or feeling heavy on my face while I am running errands or hanging at the park with the kids. Most importantly, I feel amazing in them.

I am seriously already shopping for my next pair!

Do you have a pair of Knockarounds? How much do you love them?! Let me know below…

Side note for all my busy moms… if you’re like me, you’ve already started planning for Christmas! Don’t miss on my personal Christmas list the for the boys. I will be updating it as it changes on paper!

Mom of WAR- Knockaround Sunglasses
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