Why You Should Write A Gratitude List

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Some people swear by them, others don’t know what they are. Some people write them every. single. morning. Others write them when they are feeling down or lacking motivation. The reason I’m writing a gratitude list today… because the holiday’s have me feeling overwhelmed yet so incredibly blessed.

Mom of WAR- December Gratitude List

What is a gratitude list?

A gratitude list is simply a list of things you are grateful for.

Why should you write one?

What about the days it’s hard to feel gratitude?

As busy moms, we all have those days. It’s not a secret, and it’s definitely not something to be ashamed of.

The truth is… even on those days… there is always something to be grateful for.

That’s a fact we all know, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get lost in the 1000s of other thoughts, schedules, and craziness swirling around in our minds.

Writing a gratitude list is grounding. It helps us to see past the busyness, the stress, the worries and the overbooked schedule by reminding us that there is more to it than the chaos.

It increases positivity. When you take the time to focus on good things, you give yourself a boost of positive energy.

Chances are once your spiraling mind has come back to reality, and you’ve given yourself a boost of positivity, you’re going to feel less stressed.

It really works. Here’s the list I worked on today after feeling a bit overwhelmed when thinking about our upcoming week. My gratitude list gave me the opportunity to spin some of my stressors and make them positive. Perspective makes a world of difference!

My Gratitude List

healthy and active children

their kind and giving hearts

a husband who supports and encourages my dreams

a husband who challenges me to always learn and grow

having a warm home that holds majority of our most precious memories

our kids having amazing teachers who care about their students

our Christmas tree that was decorated as a family

having friends and family to share the holidays with

our dogs that add love and spice to life

my calendar and amazon prime

If you like the idea of a gratitude list and decide to add it to your morning routine, let me give you some tips:

  • start a journal, so you can keep all of your lists in one place
  • limit your list to 3-5 items per day
  • on days you feel uninspired, re-read your previous lists

Here’s a great journal to get started with:

Share something from your gratitude list in the comments below!

A gratitude journal would be a great goal for 2020. Check out my other tips on how busy moms can create achievable goals.

Mom of WAR- Gratitude List
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