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From the beginning of October straight through to the end of December and the beginning of January, moms are planning holiday festivities in some form or fashion. With Christmas being the most time consuming, by the time it’s almost here, moms need a break! This past weekend we, along with some friends, took some not “Christmas to-do” time and took the kids to skate lessons at Fun Zone Skate Center.

I had never heard of skate lessons! My good friend, Alana, is the one who discovered this awesome opportunity.

Skate Lessons At Fun Zone

So, the lessons are offered on Saturday mornings, right when they open, at 10AM. It’s $5+tax per kid for one hour. That includes admission, skate rental, and the lessons. Really, that’s a great deal!

Fun Zone Skate Center, Dothan, AL

The lessons weren’t structured in any particular way, which works out great, especially for the younger kiddos that have a hard time sitting still. Although, they couldn’t really sit still if they wanted to since the rink was so “skatey.”

The kids were given rolling contraption thingys that sort of resembled a walker to help them balance. They had the opportunity to skate with these thingys on the carpet before entering the rink with them.

Mom of WAR

By the end of the hour, all of our kiddos were skating without the contraption thingys! Although there were many crashes, bumps, bruises, and wipe outs, they built their confidence enough to keep trying. They only got better and better!

Mr. Smoke was the lead instructor. He tried to get to know all of the kids by name, and he made a point to talk to all of the parents. There was also a young lady helping, I didn’t catch her name, but she was super patient with all of the kids, and she made an effort to work with each of them individually while encouraging them to not give up and take it one step… or skate… at a time.

Mom of WAR- Fun Zone, Dothan, AL

The opportunity was great for the kids, and at $5 per kid… you just can’t beat it! I highly recommend skate lessons at Fun Zone. If you don’t have a Fun Zone locally, do a quick search to see what options you have!

Talk about nostalgia…

When I was in middle school, Fun Zone was called The Playground. Every Friday night, I was skating. I had my own Carrera skates complete with a skate box signed by all my friends. Looking at the skating rink this past weekend, I envisioned myself still being able to show off my moves. I’m pretty positive that if I put skates on, it would have looked nothing like the picture in my mind!

Don’t forget to take a break…

Christmas can truly be overwhelming. It’s important for moms to take some time to step back and add in some activities that are not on their Christmas to-do list. Socializing with other moms gave me the chance to push all the things to the back of my mind for a few hours and just enjoy myself. It’s almost like a rejuvenating jump start, and now I am ready to jump back into Christmas!

Thanks to Alana for finding out about this opportunity and encouraging me to write a post about our not “Christmas to-do” time!

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  1. Ah this looks so much fun and I can’t wait to do things like this with my little one. Now you definitely gave me a date idea …my husband doesn’t know how to skate lol so I feel like it would be so much fun to get him lessons!!!

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