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This will be the first decade end I’ve been a part of that I have had the experience and knowledge to truly appreciate what it means. The 10s, I guess I can call them, have been my very favorite decade. They always will be, and you will understand why. So, let’s just jump right in… here’s my tribute to the decade.

The 10s: My Tribute To The Decade


January. Dad officially started his own business, Atlas Moving. This business now completely supports our family!


April. We weren’t married, and we didn’t have our own home. To say we were nervous to become new parents is an understatement, but in April 2013, our first kiddo, Wesley, was born. Our first W.A.R. This day changed me forever. My little family was perfection. Mom, Dad, and Bug.

Mom of WAR- tribute to the decade

November. It wasn’t something we had planned for, but we were pregnant with our second little!


March. In less than one month, we found, purchased, and moved into our first home. We closed on the house March 28 and moved in the same day. Just in time for Baby Wesley’s first birthday.

April. Baby Wesley’s first birthday. The bow tie and shirt he is wearing was Dad’s when he was a baby!

We also bought our first family pet, Tookie Britches. He was given to Wesley at his first birthday. Tookie Britches was/is the perfect dog for any busy family with small kiddos.

July. In July, William was born. Our second W.A.R. Full of personality from the second we laid eyes on him, Wheels completed our precious little family.


February. On February 22 Dad proposed to me during nap time while we were watching the Daytona 500. My ring… designed by him… a black diamond surround by diamonds and rubies (the boy’s birth stones).

July. Wheel’s first birthday. He loved his cake, which is ironic, because he doesn’t like cake now!

Mom of WAR- A Tribute to the Decade

December. I graduated from Troy University with a B.S. in Psychology.


April. During a magical destination wedding, I married my favoritest and my best friend. I still remember the way I felt that day… the butterflies, the excitement, the overwhelming sense of everything being right. I wanted everything to be perfect for us, and it was more than that.

Mom of WAR- tribute to the decade


April. Our 1 year anniversary. The frozen cake in the top of our freezer was finally ready to be eaten!


March. I launched Mom of W.A.R., Hear My Roar.

August. I turned 30, and I was actually excited about it!

We thought our family was complete, but me and Wheels made a stop at Dream Puppies to check out a little girl Maltipom we saw on their website. She was beautiful, but I made an instant connection with her sister. We brought home Fiona that day. She’s arguably all of our favorite person, and I am no longer the only girl in the house!

December. I graduated with a M.S. in Human Resource Management.


March. Dad made some big choices regarding the moving company he began in 2013. It was rebranded to True America Moving.

April. I began a PhD program for general psychology!

December. Somewhere between all the work that owning a small business brings, Dad decided to go back to school. This month he graduated with an Associate degree… and he’s on to a double major!

Goodness! This trip down memory lane tugged at my heart strings. So many HUGE things happened for us. Over the last ten years, we’ve accomplished great things as both individuals and a family.

Mom of WAR

You can easily see why a tribute to the decade was necessary for me. The 2010s will definitely be my favorite decade of all times. During this decade, my family was built, and I learned the true meaning and depth of love.

Although the 2010s will forever hold a special place in my heart, I am looking forward to all of the great things… the special memories, the magical moments, the accomplishments, all of it… the next decades bring us.

I want to hear from you! Drop a comment and let me know some of the great things that happened for you during the last ten years…

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  1. Your family is adorable! πŸ™‚
    I enjoyed reading about your decade. We had an exciting decade as well…you have inspired me to write it down and share with my own little fam.

      1. This was awesome to read. It’s crazy how time flies and stays still all at the same time. My 10s were filled with many ups and downs. Can’t wait to see what the 20s bring!

  2. Wow! You have had a busy 10 years! Maybe I can sit down in the next few days and count my many blessings from the last 10 years as well.

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