7 Ways Working Moms Can Keep Spring Break Fun For Kids

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I tend to experience the most mom guilt when my kids have a break from school. These breaks are supposed to be filled with fun and family time. Plus, they won’t be little forever, and before we know it breaks like spring break will be spent with friends. Although we have more restrictions on our time, it is still possible for working moms to keep spring break fun for kids!

Spring break will be here before you know it, so don’t wait until the last minute to make plans!

Mom of WAR- spring break fun for kids

Working Moms Can Keep Spring Break Fun For Kids

1. Have a Staycation

Plan it on the weekend so you aren’t interrupted as much by things you can’t ignore, like work. Switch your mind to believing you are on vacation… just in your home. Consider what you would do in the condo and make similar plans.

Plan a family game or movie night complete with your kiddo’s favorite dinner or takeout. Let the kids make a pallet somewhere, because we know they love doing this. Have a big breakfast the next morning and plan to do some fun activities. Consider bowling, skating, or putt-putt. Can’t get out of the house? Find some fun crafts you guys can do as a family, plan a movie marathon, or bake together.

One year, we moved the furniture in the living room and pitched the 8-person tent we take camping. The boys loved it!

2. Schedule Quality Time With Relatives

As working moms, we often rely on others to help us be everywhere we need to be and get everything done. That’s totally okay.

Call Nanny and Pop or any other relatives that have the time to do some fun things with the kids. I know you wish it was you, but you know you’ll get lots of pictures!

3. Take a Mini-Vacation

Plan a day trip or a one to two night vacay on the weekend! You might not be able to Spring Break it up the entire week, but you can get a few days in.

Is there a zoo or aquarium within a few hours away that you’ve been wanting to visit? This is a great time to go!

4. Look Into Day Camps

During breaks from school, it’s common for local businesses to offer day camps. If this is something that interests you, a quick Google or Facebook event search will probably turn up some good options for you.

Check out options with churches, trampoline parks, city recreation centers, and museums.

5. Tag Team With Other Working Parents

Even though it feels like it most of the time, you aren’t the only mama working and trying to make sure their kids still have a great break. Find some friends or some mom’s of your kid’s classmates and create a schedule that works for you both. You can take turns watching the kids, and then they get to play with some of their friends too!

6. Plan Fun Activities At Home

Sometimes your schedule just doesn’t come together the way you want it to. Being accountable to all of your responsibilities is hard, and it’s okay if you just can’t plan the break you dream of for your kids.

Do what we are good at! Google. Pinterest. Find crafts, games, and/or activities you guys can do at home. Paint, draw, get creative. Spend time outside if you can, or do what you wish you could do outside inside. Here’s a super cool scavenger hunt game that has outside and inside options.

7. Take Vacation Days or Work From Home

If you have vacation days available, consider taking a few during spring break. Take the time to spend quality time with your family!

Some working moms have the option to work from home. This would be a good week to do it! Even though you have to work, you can be present for your kids and enjoy interacting them between work duties.

8. Breathe

Just breathe. Don’t let spring break stress you out. Do what you can and don’t let what you can’t take a toll on you.

One day your babies will be big and they will appreciate the effort you made.


I hope this ideas sparked some possibilities for you and your family! Enjoy spring break!

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Mom of WAR- Spring Break Fun For Kids
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  1. These are great ideas for working moms to do on spring break. I will still be working during my daughter’s spring break from preschool, so I will be looking for some fun activities for us to do in the afternoons when I get home. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. These ideas are feasible for working moms during spring break and will help both mom and children feel as if their needs are being met. I love that each suggestion is budget friendly and places a heavy emphasis on quality time.

  3. These are all such great ideas! We just got a Great Wolf Lodge so your staycation idea had me thinking of going there. Then I remembered, we go camping every spring break. Which is funny because it’s gorgeous and 75 degrees where we live and we go camping where it typically is 40-50 degrees. Praying for no snow this year!

  4. wow, i experience this guilt every single year! this is an awesome post and came just in time. i’ll probably need to tag team this year for sure!

  5. I love these ideas! Spring break is a great time for just a quick trip or a day trip some where. My little girl has been asking to go to the aquarium so maybe we’ll do that. And personally, I need a day at the hot springs!

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