Zoos and Aquariums You Can Visit From Home for FREE

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So, this is definitely the coolest thing I have discovered today! You may want to take the kids out for some fun, but for one reason or another it’s just not possible. Maybe there isn’t an attraction near you, or you’re too busy for a day trip. Maybe the weather stinks, or one of you came down with something. Right now, the obstacle for families is quarantine. Today, I discovered several zoos and aquariums you can visit from home for free.

Is this not the coolest?

I’m going to give you a list of several zoos and aquariums you and the kiddos can visit from home via live webcams. Some of the cameras, like at the Houston Zoo, can be controlled by the viewer. Other places, like the Seattle Aquarium, also offer previously recorded footage to view.

Zoos and Aquariums You Can Visit From Home

Zoos You Can Visit From Home

Aquariums You Can Visit From Home

Make An Event Out Of It

This is something you can do on a whim or plan out like you would if it was an event you were taking a day trip for.


1. Visit the zoos the zoos for a few hours. Play around with the different cameras, views, and videos available.

2. In between zoos, complete a craft like this Zoo Animal Beaded Necklace craft.

3. Once you are done visiting zoos, have a picnic lunch, even if it has to be on the living room floor.

4. After lunch, visit the aquariums. In between aquariums, complete a craft like this Sea Life Sticker Craft.

5. Once you are done visiting aquariums, consider asking questions about the visits.
Topic Ideas: favorite animals, what are the animals doing now, what sounds to they make, what do they eat, any questions

Why Visit From Home?

Why not?

Not only is this super cool, but it’s something different to do at home. Visiting a zoo or an aquarium from home is a great way to keep kids, who are stuck at home, engaged and entertained.

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  1. This is a great list of zoos and aquariums to visit virtually. We have been keeping on eye on our local zoo. Thanks for sharing this list.

  2. I LOVE these! We have literally been joining the Houston Zoo Live every day (well, my son has haha). And he gets excited for it, does not let me forget it. I highly recommend this to other parents as well!

  3. We have a little one who would love to go to a virtual zoo! She is having a hard time with the fact that we can’t go an visit the newest member of our local zoo – a little elephant born just before the zoos had to shut here.

  4. I love that this is such an option at so many places right now – what a gift to be cherished! It can be entertaining for hours flipping through the various options!

  5. My son and I “visited” Zoo Atlanta and the San Diego zoo and he loved it. I’m thankful for the opportunity to use virtual field trips to expand on lessons and just to break up the monotony of being and learning from home.

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