My Little Mascara Club Unboxing + Review

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Hey mamas! Recently I was gifted a month of My Little Mascara Club. Although it was a gift, I am going to be completely honest with you guys. That’s what I look for in reviews, and I know you do too.

My Little Mascara Club is a subscription service that delivers natural products, and that is something difficult to come by when talking about cosmetics. I was super excited to try their products and just knew you would love to see them too.

The subscription service offers different tiers of deliverables, and you can choose how often you receive them. While this is a subscription service, you can buy their products without a subscription as well. I encourage you guys to check them out, and you can do so here!

My Little Mascara Club- My Review


The subscription arrives in a cute mailing envelope that reminds you just how awesome you are… and YOU are AWESOME!

Each product is neatly packaged in similar looking boxes with instructions on the back. I must admit, I always read instructions. Even if it’s a product I’ve used 100 times.

I also received a letter telling me about the products, which included info about first use, application, staying power, and removal. This is something I found quite valuable. When I try a new product, often times it’s because I read some good reviews or just wanted to try it, but I don’t actually know much about the product or what to expect. Having this info in front of me before I tried the product gave me an extra boost of confidence when I was ready to use it!

In my package, there was a LITTLE BOX OF HAPPY. It wasn’t a product, instead it was a surprise fortune cookie. I thought this was the coolest. It’s little touches like this that makes me believe a brand really cares about providing awesomeness to their customers.

Mom of WAR- My Little Mascara Club


These guys really know how to take care of a girl’s lashes! The brand offers natural products, which is a quality I respect. Even their mascara is 90% natural, which is hard to find in the cosmetic industry. The products I received were nothing short of awesome.

  • LENGTH + DEFINITION mascara- over 90% natural ingredients! practically unheard of in a mascara
  • FRESH micellar water mascara remover
  • ERASE reusable mascara remover wipes
  • PRETTY makeup bag
  • LITTLE BOX OF HAPPY surprise – that comes in every order
mom of war- My Little Mascara Club

The mascara is the star of the show, but the other products are UH-may-ZING as well.

The mascara wand has a curved, bristle applicator, rather than a rubber applicator. Personally, I prefer bristle over rubber. In my experience, I am able to get a bolder look with bristle applicators, and bold lashes are something I LOVE.

The mascara went on easy, and the brand isn’t lying, a little goes a long way!

I had zero issues with any smudging (and pollen in the south is crazy right now = watery eyes)… or flaking, which is my absolute least favorite thing about mascara.

Plus, it’s natural…

Using a natural mascara is new to me, but it’s definitely something I can get behind. In other aspects of my life, I enjoy using natural products. I do my best to be conscious of the environment and how I can do my part. Knowing that I have options to extend my support of natural products to my mascara choice is encouraging.

Mom of WAR- My little mascara club

I was extremely excited to try the ERASE reusable mascara remover wipes. Typically, I use the pads that are disposable. I feel like I have to really use some elbow grease to get my eye makeup off with those things, and I come through it with raw eyes. The ERASE reusable mascara removable wipes really changed my game.

All you have to do is place a dab of your FRESH micellar water mascara remover (which is fantastic in itself) on your ERASE wipes and gently rub! Voila. It’s really that simple, and you can reuse the ERASE wipes while simultaneously helping the environment!

I also received a super cute makeup bag, that is perfectly housing my new items. I’m so proud of my little lash kit.

My overall opinion of My Little Mascara Club? I adore it.

Be sure to check out their website here. You can purchase individual products without a subscription; however, the subscription does save you money on the products you are wanting.

I now have a kit that spoils my lashes and ensures that they look fabulous daily.

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