Countdown to Party Time

It's party week. Wesley turns 5 next Monday, April 16. Every year we have the boy's birthday parties at our house. So, Wesley's party is this Saturday! That means it's a busy and stressful week for mom. Making sure our little house is top notch for the many guests we will have visiting our home.... Continue Reading →

It’s a Girl’s Night!

My girl friends and I get to have a girl's night every once in awhile. We try to schedule one every few months at the very least. YES! We must schedule them. We make it work. We try to do something different every time. Last night was girl’s night, and it was a night of... Continue Reading →

Mom of W.A.R.

W.A.R., those are the initials of both of my sons. Wesley Ares Richardson, he was first. He's four but will be five next month. Goodness time flies. Dad's middle name is Atlas. You know, the Greek god that held up the world as punishment. Ares is the Greek god of war. See what we did... Continue Reading →

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