Recommended Products

These products are ones I personally use and love them enough to share! I get it. You’re busy. sometimes you don’t have time to read an entire review about a product. To help you guys out, I created a page of personally recommended products that are perfect for any busy mom.

Dyson Vacuum

Three years ago, my husband gave me my very first Dyson vacuum cleaner. I was obsessed… and still am, since I still use the same vacuum! Great for hard flooring and carpet!

Knockaround Sunglasses

Love love love my knockaround sunglasses. The brand offers a wide variety of frame styles and colors. I chose watermelon geode, which is bright pink, and they are fabulous! These sunglasses are super affordable and amazing quality, which are both must-haves for busy moms. If you want to read my full review you can or you can just check them out for yourself here.

Magic Erasers

I buy these off-brand magic erasers in bulk and use them for everything. I can also give them to my kids to clean baseboards, doors, and cabinets. They love it!

Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Obsessed! I’ve gone through two sets of bamboo cooking utensils in 5 years, but I use them almost daily! They don’t scratch the non-stick off your coated pans either.

Large Rope Basket

Here’s the rope basket I have. I use it to roll up and store our blankets in the living room. In the near future, I plan on buying a few smaller ones for other visible storage like dog toys!

Kids ‘n’ Pets

Kids ‘n’ pets really is an all-purpose solution. It’s great on spills, stains, funny smells, and even as a laundry stain remover. Use it on anything. I always have a bottle on deck.

Waterproof Phone Case

This doo-dad is amazing. It’s great for the beach, pool, or even rain. You can take as many pictures as you want with this case on your phone without worrying about water or sand! *TIP* It suctions to your phone, which is great because you can still use your touch screen with it on, but it makes it hard to get your phone out. Blow some air into the case and your phone will come right out!

Mom of WAR- Recommended products for busy moms
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