Easy Crafts for Kids

It has rained every day for almost two weeks now! We still have at least a week of rain in the forecast and a tropical storm coming through this afternoon. Our Memorial Day holiday has been a muggy, wet one. Cabin fever has set in! This morning I decided I was done cleaning. I wanted... Continue Reading →

Painting With Cars

Sooooo last week I was cooped up in the house with two sick little boys for 3 1/2 days. By Sunday, both boys were congested, but they were better. Come Wednesday, Wesley was sick again. So now we have spent the last two days cooped up again. Sick days for kids aren't the same as... Continue Reading →

Busy Mom Life: Practice Self-Care

Most of the time talking about this topic deserves the response, "easier said than done." Still, it is important. Taking care of yourself is important, especially when so much of your time is spent taking care of everything except yourself. Sometimes there are things I need that never cross my mind. For our anniversary a... Continue Reading →

Preschool Graduations

Even with the busyness of our lives and the excitement for the event, last night, for just a moment, time slowed down. For months the boys have come home singing the songs they had been practicing at school for their end of the year program. I have enjoyed letting them teach me their songs and... Continue Reading →

Being a Boy Mom

Being a boy mom has its frustrations. You find pee everywhere except in the toilet. In the past, William has walked out of the bathroom saying, "I sorry mommy." "Why Wheels?" "I peed on your wall." Once I walked into the bathroom to find the toilet paper roll that was on the holder was soaking... Continue Reading →

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