Baby Belly Painting!

This afternoon my home was filled with girly-ness! As much as I adore being a boy mom, it was a nice change of pace to be a witness of something so beautiful and sparkly. One of my squad is preggers with her 4th and last baby, and she had the opportunity to do something different... Continue Reading →

Camping With the Kiddos- Plus a Recipe!

This past weekend we went camping for the first time! Jeremiah and I took the boys. Jeremiah's dad (Pop) also came with his wife (Nanny) and their granddaughter, Nadia (NaNa). I took off work Friday, which was the first time I've taken off work for something besides someone being sick in Lord knows how long.... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Dig 2018

Yesterday we attended the much-anticipated Dinosaur Dig at the Montgomery Zoo. We counted down to the day for over a month! Wesley starts Kindergarten in August and tested for Heard Magnet School last month. We were all thrilled when less than two weeks later he received his acceptance letter! As a reward for his achievement,... Continue Reading →

The Tale of New Bunk Beds

Two Christmases ago the boys got car beds from Santa. They were officially out of their toddler beds, and they were so excited. The car beds were super cool. However, they share a room, and the car beds were big. They took up a lot of their bedroom. For a while, I have wanted bunk... Continue Reading →

Being a Boy Mom

Being a boy mom has its frustrations. You find pee everywhere except in the toilet. In the past, William has walked out of the bathroom saying, "I sorry mommy." "Why Wheels?" "I peed on your wall." Once I walked into the bathroom to find the toilet paper roll that was on the holder was soaking... Continue Reading →

It’s a Dinosaur Party!

So, yesterday was the big day! It was finally party day, the day we have been anticipating for weeks. Party day for me is wide open. I wake up cleaning. Thanks to Jeremiah's encouragement, I still took an hour out of the day that was just for me. I went to spinning class! I am... Continue Reading →

Countdown to Party Time

It's party week. Wesley turns 5 next Monday, April 16. Every year we have the boy's birthday parties at our house. So, Wesley's party is this Saturday! That means it's a busy and stressful week for mom. Making sure our little house is top notch for the many guests we will have visiting our home.... Continue Reading →


My kiddo, William (Wheels), has been having a hard time lately. He's the typical second child.... more difficult than the first. He always has been. Easy example: Wesley slept through the night for the first time at 6 weeks. William took two years. Even then he woke up between 4-4:30AM for the next year. Despite... Continue Reading →

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