Monday Blues

Tomorrow is Monday. Yuck. Who likes Mondays?! What does my Monday look like? My alarm goes off at 5AM, but I rarely make it until then. Around 4:15AM, I'll wake up because I have to pee. EVERY morning, I try to ignore it. I'm not really sure how I can still fool myself into thinking... Continue Reading →

Busy Mom Life: Practice Self-Care

Most of the time talking about this topic deserves the response, "easier said than done." Still, it is important. Taking care of yourself is important, especially when so much of your time is spent taking care of everything except yourself. Sometimes there are things I need that never cross my mind. For our anniversary a... Continue Reading →

Spinning Into Shape

I'm always complaining about being tired or chunky, so my husband has been encouraging me to get back into exercising. I explain to him that my schedule is based on everyone else's schedule. It's hard for me to schedule something at a particular time, because depending on what the kids are doing that day or... Continue Reading →

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